Arthur Alexander Interview

Pavilion Recording artists "Sorrows" are making a name for themselves all over the U.S. On tour to promote their debut album. "Sorrows" are based out of New York and have been together three years.
Arthur Alexander, lead, singer for the "Sorrows" talked about his group.

Q. Where are you performing these days?
A. Within a 200-300 mile radius of the New York City area. We're playing mostly clubs in the tri-state area of New York Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Q. What's the group on stage performance like.
A. We don't exactly stand still. We're jumpin' around, dancin' around, but we're not into a theatrical trip. We don't use props,

Q. How much time went by between the date you made a demo tape and when Pavilion Records signed you?
A. It wasn't very long, five or six months. We made a demo tape in May or June of last’ year and were signed in September or October.

Q. Mick Jagger has said in a recent interview that rock 'n roll is a very narrow, dull medium and he's surprised that it's lasted this long. What do you think?
A. Rock 'n roll became boring when it was recognized as an acceptable art form. Rock got too far removed from the people and the street. It became too clinical, too sterilized, and rock doesn't stand up to scrutiny. It was never meant to be that way.

Q. Who are some of the people you've appeared with?
A. David Johanson. Dirty Looks, The Shirts, The Jags, Willie Nile.

Q. What makes "Sorrows" unique?
A. Visually, we're one of the most exciting groups around. We get the audiences involved with the show, the more they react to us. the more we react to them. We're into the art of writing good pop songs, songs that will become classics'. We're reviving pop and what good songs used to be. We want to make the audience feel that they can relate to our music, when we're singing a song.

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