Audra Lynn Interview
(Playboy Playmate)

One of the most beautiful women to grace the pages of Playboy magazine is Audra Lynn — Miss October 2003.

Q – Playboy is keeping you pretty busy aren’t they?
A– Yeah. They’ve got me going on other promotions, starting with Bally slot machines.

Q – What do you do for them?
A- It’s a Playboy related thing. I dress up in a playboy costume. I’ve got a red one. I’ve gone all around the world. I’ve gone to China, Korea, Russia, Australia, all over South America promoting these slot machines at casinos. That’s been fun. I’ve been really lucky cruse most Playmates don’t get to travel around the world.

Q – How has your life changed since you were featured in that October 2003 Playboy issue?
A – Oh, wow. How hasn’t my life changed? I’ve been working more stop on acting and modeling. It’s gotten huge. I’ve been in every major magazine I’ve ever wanted to be in. And then I’ve been able to start a couple of businesses as well, because I have a “name” now, that people recognize.

Q – Why isn’t your picture on the cover of Playboy?
A – You know what? They don’t do that any more. I was supposed to be on the cover. I had shot for it, and at the last minute they switched it and put a different girl on the cover. So I was a little bummed about that. I was supposed to be September. Then he changed me to October, caves his like you’re gonna have the cover of Playboy for October, so were gonna switch you to be an October Playmate. Then they took the cover away from me. I don’t understand that. But, usually it’s famous people that are on the cover. Playmates don’t get the cover very often anymore.

Q – That being the case, is it really worth it if people don’t make that connection?
A – I think it’s a shame that they don’t do that any more. They’re definitely trying to go for the Big Bucks with the celebrity. I just have to pray that I get in a good issue with a good celebrity and a lot of people buy it. Otherwise – you don’t get that much publicity. But, there are a ton of subscribers. What is there – 12.3 million subscribers? Something like that. And that’s just in the U.S. And were a Playmate in every country after that. So, we get pretty good exposure.

Q – How much competition is there for a woman to get to be Playmate of the month?
A – I heard there’s something like 100,000 women a year that submit pictures, and only 12 make it a year. The mail is crazy over there. Everybody’s submitting pictures and doing it online now.

Q – Did Playboy ever tell you what they liked about you?
A – I had the down – to – earth attitude. They want somebody who’s not only pretty but is really nice and can do promotions. So, I think that helped me out. But, I don’t know. I feel very fortunate. I did it as a joke and didn’t actually think I’d make it as a Playmate. I thought I might as well try it, cause if I don’t I’ll end up regretting not trying. So, I did it and got accepted right away.

Q – How much time went by before you got that call?
A – Hardly any. I believe it was about a month before I flew back out, took more pictures and I got accepted right away. Them it took me 2 years to get the magazine cause they had so many blondes they had to squeeze in brunettes here and there. I was put on the waiting list. Then I finally made it.

Q – Did your father see the Playboy issue you were in?
A – Yup. My father, grand parents, everyone.

Q – What did your father say?
A – My father never really said much my Dad doesn’t really care. He thinks it’s cool. He’s like – his daughter is in Playboy. He chose not nude pictures, to show all around town. I live 5 miles from a town that had 288 people. The middle of nowhere. I autographed a copy (of Playboy) for my grandfather on my father’s side. So, that was furry. Then my other grandpa and grandma are more conservative, my mom was like – no, you can’t do this!! You can’t disgrace our family. And then as soon as I started posing she was more relaxed, and said I’m going to stand by you, and support you. She was worried about what the town was going to do. The little tiny town of old people. They supported me and everybody treats my parents like celebrities themselves. They really appreciate the town support.

Q – You say your turn-ons are. A truthful, faithful, secure older man who makes me laugh. Are you talking about an older, rich man here?
A – Somebody who has goals and knows what they want in life, most of the people my age don’t have the goals and don’t know what they want in life. They don’t even know what they’re going to do tomorrow (Laughs). So, I want somebody who has their head on straight and knows what they want.

Q – And you’re where – in Los Angeles?
A – Yeah.

Q – I wonder how many people walking around L.A. fit into that category.
A – Oh, God. It’s hard to date in L.A. let me tell you.

Q – Your turn-offs are. Being taken for granted, who has taken you for granted? Ex-boyfriends?
A – Yeah. Lots of ex-boyfriends, have taken me for granted. And, that’s one thing that I’m really good about in a relationship. I don’t take someone for granted because I know it’s happened to me many times, and it hurts. I always want my guy to feel special. I try to really watch out for his feelings.

Q – So, what would you like to see happen for yourself? Do you want T.V. and film work?
A – Yeah. A lot of stuff has happened for me. I’ve made it on ‘Frazier’ as a guest spot. I have a movie in the works that I have a lead role in, with Edward Furlong from ‘Terminator’ and ‘Detroit Rock City’. He’s gonna be my husband in it. It’s a drama. They didn’t release a name get. Gene Simmers from kiss and I are good friends. He has getter me a T.V. show on the E! Channel, so they’re drawing up paperwork right now, and I’m gonna get all that together. On top of all that I’m going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Italy (March 2005).

Q – Why?
A – Just for the heck of it. They like me over there, so they decided to put me on the cover, which is cool. I’m going to be on the cover of Dub which is a Celebrity Car Issue. I’m going to be on the cover of Gene Simmons (magazine), next month (March 2005). Then, I’ve made it in International Vogue with Pam Anderson, British GQ. Then I started three cobs. on top of that! (Laughs). I have been none stop. I’m not one of those girls who poses for the issue and then site home and waits for money to come in and phone calls. I’m out there.

Q – What are the names of your cos and what are they all about?
A – One of them is called Pin-ups Emporium. A lot of fane want to get in touch with Playboy Centerfolds, and they don’t know how to get their, hands on memorabilia. What I did was start a huge site where I sell my merchandise and other Playmates merchandise. Stuff that they’re shot in. Pictures Autographs Kiss Cards. And then other products that we sponsor like vitamins. I’ve got my own Audra Lynn design rims that go on cars. They’re the chrome rims that keep turning, when you stop. So, that’s on there my partner does all the wireless networks. He owns the ones in like the hotels, airports – everywhere. He’s the only one that has access to that, the wireless networks. So, 5.2 million people a day see, my site. It’s taken off like crazy. Then I have my Audra Lynn . com — my Audra Lynn – net I also started Audra Lynn Design which is my clothing line. I put it up and within a week I sold out of everything. So, it’s back to the drawing board. So, it’s been really good.

Q – You personally design your own clothes?
A – Yup. I sketch it out and have people make it up for me. Pretty fun. I like it.

Q – How old are you?
A – I’m 25. (Laughs) I want to make sure I have something to back me up. My looks are not going to last forever. I hope that the acting goes well, but if it doesn’t I have some companies to back me up. Hopefully everything will go well and I’ll be set.

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