Billy Falcon Interview

Signed to Jon Bon Jovi's new record label, Jambco, Billy Falcon is already enjoying a hit single — "Power Windows" — from his Pretty Blue World album.
Billy has toured with both Don Henley and Stevie Nicks, for whom he also wrote (with Jon Bon Jovi) her big hit "Sometimes (It's a Bitch)."

Q. How did Jon Bon Jovi find out about Billy Falcon?
A. I got a phone call about a year and a half ago, from a friend that said he knew a guy who worked for Jon, and this friend called him and said, 'Hey, Jon's a big fan of Billy's. He has all his records, and used to go see him all the time, when he played in Jersey. Jon would like to know if Billy is doing anything, what he's been up to. So, I just sent along a tape. I wasn't sure if I believed this story. The tape had six songs on it. I
didn't hear anything for eight months. I was in Nashville doing something, and I got another phone call. There's a very cool writing scene down there. I got another phone call from a friend who ran into Jon in a bar, and Jon was raving about the material that he had heard of mine, and was looking to get in touch with me. This person said here's Jon's number, call Jon, he wants to talk to you. I talked to Jon. He asked for more music. I sent him more music. A week or two later he called me back and said, "Look, the things I hear on this twelve song tape are just absolutely amazing, and I'd love to do something. What do you want to do?" We just got to talking, and that's how it all started.

Q. How'd you get so lucky to land the opening slot with Don Henley? That was great exposure for you.
A. Yeah. We spent the summer with Stevie Nicks. You could call that luck too. I just think sometimes things fall in place. A lot of things come together out of the blue. It ain't easy. I just believe we made a great record and these are great songs. I think great music no matter what the climate is, in the industry, and in the marketplace. I think it will get through, one way or the other. There's just so many big names out now with records. There's a lot of good music, but not a lot of great music. There are great looks. There are great images. But, I don't hear a lot of great songs. And that's what this is.-1 think these are great songs. I think anybody that listens long enough, and cares to listen long enough, will hear that. That might sound kind of boasting, but it's true. I've been doing this for awhile.

Q. But, why did Don Henley select you as his opening act? What enters in to that selection process?
A. I think there's a lot of politics that goes on. I really don't know-how stuff comes together. But, I do know it comes down to the music. It comes down to Don hearing the CD and saying yes. But, how it gets to him, how it gets to that point where you even get a shot, a record co. gets involved, managers get involved. If Jon was there, he would get involved, my manager would get involved. The Stevie Nicks' thing was a last minute thing, and we got the tour. I co-wrote the song "Sometimes (It's a Bitch)," which is Stevie's single, with Jon. So, that might have had something to do with it. Her people, her managers, really loved my record. They suggested to Stevie to put me on. Stevie, for whatever reason, put us on, and by the end of the tour, we were good friends. She's been great to us. We had so much fun on the road, that her management recommended to Henley, it was the same management co., that I think when the opportunity came up, they recommended us for the tour, saying that we should get the shot. That's part of being professional. You build good will just by being good human beings.

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