Bob Kulick Interview

Last month "Balance" (Epic Records), opened for the Rossington-Collins Band at the Syracuse War Memorial. It was a great night for rock 'n' roll.
We spoke with "Balance" guitarist Bob Kulick a man who has worked alongside such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Mark Farner, Tim Curry, The Lovin' Spoonful. Alice Cooper. Meatloaf, and Paul Stanley of Kiss.

Q: Every guy in "Balance" is such an accomplished musician. I was wondering how you avoid ego problems.
A: We seem to be able to check and balance each other enough that when there is a difference of opinion, usually the majority will rule We haven't had very many problems to be honest. Everyone seems to have their ego intact at this point.

Q: Is there a game plan for this group?
A: As far as a game plan, the game plat: in terms of the record - put out a couple of singles with the first one - "Breaking Away," which was Top 23 nationally. The new single has just come out and the process is starting again. So we have a ballad called "Falling In Love" out now. We picked up forty stations, so it's off lo the races again.

Q: You want to avoid the group getting categorized. Isn't that impossible these days?
A: I don't think you can ever avoid getting categorized, but what I think you can do is to lay it out very up front that you expect to break some rules.
We want to get across, don't think we're going to be sounding like the first tune on this record, on every record. It's not going to be the case. I would hope that people would want lo hear the next record not knowing what they were gonna hear other than they expect it to be good. That's what 1 would hope.

Q: How about pressure from the business side?
A: We have a good idea for the next record we’re gonna get on a plane and go somewhere, as far away from New York as possible!

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