Cynthia Johnson Interview
(Lipps, Inc)

A group by the name of "Lipps, Inc." has recorded one of the biggest, if not the biggest record of the summer. "Funky Town." off the "Mouth to Mouth" album (Casablanca Records) is a smash hit throughout the country. It occupied the number 1 slot in the record charts for weeks and is still in the Top 10.
Cynthia Johnson, Lipps, Inc. lead singer took some time off from her hectic schedule to speak with us.

Q. When you recorded "Funky Town" did you have any idea it was going to be such a smash hit?
A. No. I hadn't the slightest idea it would become so popular. In fact, I thought it would be the least liked song on the album. I thought "Rock It" or "All Night Dancing" would be the hits.

Q. Do you have any idea how many records "Funky Town" has sold?
A. The single is platinum, the album is gold.

Q. Who designed the album cover?
A. The Casablanca people.

Q. How did you get together with Lipps, Inc. and Steven Greenberg?
A. Well, Steven Greenberg was auditioning girls in April, and a friend of a friend got in touch with him and recommended me. I got his phone number and called him up. He was making a demo tape and asked me to sing on it. So I sang "Rock It," he took it to Casablanca and got a contract. We did the tape in his apartment and he paid me SI00.

Q. What were you doing before Greenberg came along?
A. I was a singer in Minneapolis for seven years with a group called "Flyt Tyme." We were a disco, jazz, funk group.

Q. Are you going out on the road in the future?
A. Yes we will. Probably in November or December.

Q- Is it going to be hard to follow up or top "Funky Town"
A. No. This next album is gonna be very good, and not just disco. There's gonna be a ballad on it and some good stuff. The album will be titled "Pucker Up" and should be released late August or the beginning of September.

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