Dana Interview
(Temptations Party Service)

Q. Dana, how did you come up with this idea of having a private dancing service?
A. Well, I got a lot of calls for it. It wasn't offered in the Syracuse area, so I decided to be the first.

Q. Were you a dancer in a Syracuse night club before you started Temptations?
A. Yes, I started out in Syracuse.

Q. And, what happened?   Did you get tired of dancing in the clubs?
A. I got tired of working for other people. I got tired of not getting bachelor parties and not getting paid what I should be getting paid. I just basically got tired of working for other people, so I decided to open it up for myself, and work for myself.

Q. And it's just you? You don't have anyone else working for you?
A. I do not have any employees. It's just me. Occasionally I will contract it out, meaning if I can't do the party or if I need another girl to perform with me, I will contract it out.

Q. How long has Temptations Party Service been in operation?
A. I opened it up in August of 1993.

Q. Who uses your services? I noticed in your ad you mention you will perform in local hotel rooms.
A. That's private dancing. Anybody and everybody uses my service, particularly businessmen. The private dancing is totally different from the Bachelor Party Service. It's just a more personal service for people who don't want to go to the clubs and want to have their own private entertainment. It goes for businessmen and people all around the Syracuse area and as far down as New York City, Pennsylvania, Rochester, everywhere. I've had people from all over come to see me.

Q. You travel down to New York City to do your private dancing?
A. I work out of New York City. I work at a club down there. If someone wants private dancing while I'm there, then I will give them my services.

Q. As part of your private dancing, you offer a back rub, champagne, and the dancing. This show lasts how long?
A. It’s an hour. Its one hour of my time, so whether they want a ten minute backrub and fifty minutes of dancing, it's up to them.

Q. You have different outfits? What's that all about?
A. Everybody has their different preference. Everybody has a different idea or fantasy. Some men like women in evening gowns. Some men like lingerie. Some men like jeans and work boots. Some men like character outfits whether it’s a nurse, or a teacher, or a doctor or a lawyer or somebody in a professional field. It's up to the individual on what type of fantasy they like, and what type of outfit. I have many different outfits, a lot of different sexy, lacy lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood.

Q. Why did you feel it necessary to advertise your measurements and hair color? Do people ask about that?
A. Yes. They want to know what I look like. Where my service is different is, when I advertise in the paper they get to see the actual photo of myself, whereas in a lot of magazines or papers they'll take a pretty picture of a girl that they don't even know and use her picture. Then the guy looks at the picture and says, "Oh, my gosh, she's gorgeous, and I'm gonna call." They think they're gonna get that girl to show up. And an ugly girl shows up, a girl with a couple of rotted teeth that doesn't look presentable or is maybe a little hard looking. So, you don’t know what you're gonna get. With me, what they see is what they get. They know exactly what they're paying for.

Q. How long does your day last? You don't start out at 10:00 a.m. do you?
A. No. I don't do morning appointments. They have to call ahead, a couple of weeks in advance I would hope to set up an appointment, because I am so busy, and I'm in and out of town too.

Q. So, would you start in at 1:00 p.m. and not get through till....
A. And not get done till ten or eleven at night. 1 never do parties after 11:00 p.m. Unless they're repeat customers.

Q. How long do you think you'll be the only one in town, doing the private dancing?
A. Who knows? They haven't come along yet.

Q. Have you ever private danced for any famous people?
A. You mean like movie stars?

Q. Movie stars? Rock stars?
A. I've danced for rich businessmen. As far as famous people, I've danced for record producers in
Manhattan.    I've been on the David Letterman Show. He came into a club I worked at in Manhattan. I was part of an acting skit that he had set up, that aired March 2 of last year.

Q. How did you get into the exotic dancing business anyway? You didn't wake up one morning and say, you know I'd really like to dance nude for a living, did you?
A. No, I didn't. It was introduced to me through someone I met, actually a tattoo artist introduced me to it. I didn't even know about topless dancing.

Q. What did he say to you, "You can make some great money as a topless dancer"?
A. Yeah. I'd gotten a rose tattoo put on. He said my friend's wife dances and she makes a lot of money. One night she got sick, and the show must go on, so I filled in for her.

Q. As a topless dancer?
A. Yeah.

Q. You'd never done it before?
A. I'd never done it before, so I took her place and gave it a try. I was a secretary. I worked for the Social Security Administration in Oswego. I filled in for her at a little rinky dink club in Fulton. The first night I did very well, and I stuck with it. So that's how it was introduced to me. I'm think­ing about opening up my own Bachelor Party Service in New York City.

Q. You're now performing with Rikki Roxx?
A.  I just had a photo shoot done with him. He is definitely a qualified male entertainer that represents Temptations Party Service. He and I are both available for mixed parties.

Q. When you're not dancing, what do you like to do?
A. Fish and demolition derbies. I was in one in Brewerton and I took third place.

Q. What happens if you're in a crash? There goes the business.
A. What do you mean?

Q. Suppose you get hurt? Suppose you break your arm or leg?
A. Then I'm out of commission for a little bit.

Q. That's dangerous stuff.
A. Well, I'm a risk taker.

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