Danny Spanos Interview

Danny Spanos has lived quite an exciting life in 27 years. He's gone from an early life on the farm to touring and recording with some of the music business top acts. Spanos has just released a debut album on Windsong Records.

Q. You left home at 16-1/2 to join a band. How did you survive?
A. The band was based in Michigan and when I left home I lived with the key­board player.

Q. Your group has a native, Syracusan in it - Duane Hitchings
A. Yes. I met him through the first producer I had. John Alcock who did the "Thin Lizzy" album. Duane is gonna be a star. Out here in L.A. every­body knows him. He's really in demand.

Q. What was it like to work with Sly Stone?
A. I have great respect for him. I was with him back in '74 or '75 for maybe 7-8 months and I learned a great deal about music in that time.

Q. How about your association with the "Butts Band.'"
 A. That was the group The Doors formed - Ray Manzarek. Robby Krieger and John Densmore, after (Jim) Morrison died. It was in­credible, the reaction we'd get when we'd play the clubs back east, especially Max's Kansas City. The place would be packed, people lining up for hours to see the group.

Q. What do you hope to do with the album?
A. Go out gigging in major auditoriums. 10-20,000 seat arenas. That's what me and the boys in the band have been gearing up to do. Out here there's a difference between auditorium material and club material. We're definitely meant for a large hall.

Q. What is Danny Spanos saying to everybody out there who's buying records?
A. When you hear our music you're going to have to get up and rock ‘n’ roll. I'm street. I'm there. I just want to get the message across — be true to your­self. We're not taking it as a joke. I'm doing it now. There are no next times. Our music will bring you up, not down. I'll be rockin' till they put me in my grave.

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