David Kissell Interview

A & M records 'em, ATI books 'em. And the record buyers/concert goers are noticing their debut album "City Kids."
Steve Pickett. David Kissel!, Michael Kehr, and Steve Kehr are "Sterling."
Currently on a U.S. tour, all four members spoke to us after a recent appearance at "The Slide." It was bassist / singer David Kissell who fills us in.

Q. Steve Pickett is from England; Michael was in Ft. Lauderdale. Steve was in New York and you were in Ft. Wayne. Indiana, how did you all get together to form this group.
A. We've all been living in New York City for five years now. The group celebrated its second anniversary on May 30th. We met in the club circuit.

Q. Jerry Moss, the M in A& M Records — did he really sign you on the spot, after watching you one night?
A. Jerry Moss and David Kershenbaum stayed for two sets at a gig we did at the club "Trax" in New York. He came backstage and said he liked what he heard and who was our lawyer. Our manager talked to him and we signed with A& M.

Q. How long had you been playing in New York as "Sterling"
A. About a year before we got signed. We played Great Gildersleeves, Hurrah Club, and Trax, five or six times at least.

Q. The album was released when?
A, April 30th.

Q. Where does A.T.I., your booking agency fit into your success story?
A. Well, they used to come to our loft for rehearsals, and to the gigs. They kept an eye on us and when we got signed, they moved right in and signed us to A.T.I. Annie Peterson is our agent.

Q. What separates "Sterling" from other rock groups?
A. We emphasize vocals. Everybody in the group writes. We're not into self-indulgence. We're serious about everything we do, but maintain a sense of humor.

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