David Lewis Interview

If you think the music scene ended in San Francisco and the Bay Area, in the late 60’s, you couldn't be more wrong. Currently the rage of Carmel, California and the Bay Area, Jet has released their first album on Pacific Arts Records (the company started by ex-Monkee member Michael Nesmith). We interviewed Jet member David Lewis, lead vocalist and bassist.

Q. As I understand from your record company, Jet is one of the hottest groups around today.
A. Yes we are. We're like local heroes around here. Everybody knows us. We've been playing at a place called Mission Ranch, a converted dude ranch for about six months. We're starting to play some punk/new wave clubs in the San Francisco area. It's really not our scene but it's kind of fun. We had alot of trouble breaking into the real world.

Q. What kind of trouble are you speaking of?
A. Finding a place to rehearse. Now it's pretty much smooth sailing. We've rented out a fairly new rehearsal hall. Before we were always blamed for being too loud.

Q. How long has Jet been together?
A. This band has been together for three years now. Three or four of us went to high school together and played together in different bands.

Q. How old are most of the guys in Jet?
A. The average age is 25.

Q. Are those real leather jackets you're wearing in the picture?
A. Oh yeah, they're real leather. You can't beat 'em when it gets cold.

Q. Do you use any special effects when you're on stage?
A. No, we're straight forward. We just play. There's no pretend anger. This is an honest group. We've been friends for a long time and we really like playing together.

Q. Is disco still going strong in the Bay Area?
A. The rock circuit is opening up like crazy. The clubs are going towards DOR (Dance Oriented Rock).

Q. Who at Pacific Arts discovered the group?
A. It was really David Bean. Rosalie Smith of KLRB Radio brought a tape of us to David Bean. We did the album in January - February '79, released it in June '79, on a $2,000 budget!

Q. Who's producing your upcoming album?
A. Chris Michie, from England. He's worked in Air Studios owned by ex-Beatles producer George Martin. Chris has worked with Pink Floyd, Blondie, and Jethro Tull.

Q. Is the group consider­ing a nationwide tour?
A. If we do, it'll be a low budget tour. We're not doing coliseums.

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