Debra Dare Interview
Nude Universe of 1993

She is Miss Nude Universe of 1993. She is Debra Dare.

Q. Debra, before you won the Miss Nude Universe title, what were you doing with your life?
A. I appeared in videos and magazines. I was a showgirl and worked only in Manitoba and Alberta ( Canada) for about two years. Before that I was a nail technician and cocktail waitress in dancer bars. That's where I got the idea to dance.

Q. Where was the Miss Nude Universe held, and what are you being judged on, strictly physical beauty?
A. The Miss Nude Universe '93 was not a contest. I was working in Calgary Alberta, and on that Friday, Dale Bohna asked me to represent Miss Nude Universe '93 because I had the most votes in three months. Dale had judges go to each bar, each week, for three months to judge all the girls that worked in Calgary. Calgary is very competitive for the dancers. Every girl is beautiful and they're all good, strong entertainers with plenty of costumes and theme shows. I was very impressed, to say the least, that I received the most votes, and was delighted to be Miss Nude Universe '93. I'm not sure what I was judged on. I think it was overall appearance.

Q. What does it do for your career to have the Miss Nude Universe title? Do you receive more film parts, or modeling assignments?
A. I think everyone I meet really treats me with a lot of respect because I carry the Miss Nude Universe title and it is very prestigious to all my friends and family. They're happy I went so far up the ladder. I also find more people are interested in booking me, and I do a lot more interviews. I did an interview for Stripper Magazine a couple of days ago, and it will be out in the next issue. Dale Bohna said I would be appearing in all the Miss Nude Universe videos, calendars, and modeling parts that he needs dancers and models to represent this title.

Q. What is your show like? You're a dancer? Where do you take your act?
A. My show is quite interesting, in some parts of Canada. Since there is audience participation, I will bring a customer on stage for my floor show. I consider myself a good dancer. I don't just walk around. I move and get into the music. My shows are all choreographed to the costumes and music. Guys always approach me and ask if I've taken dance lessons, which I haven't. I learned everything on my own. I have about $20,000 or more in costumes, hats, and shoes. I also throw 100 posters a week offstage and about a dozen t-shirts on Friday and Saturday. I give away a video to the loudest screamer at that show. I make them scream for 20 minutes. That impresses me. I've worked all over Canada, and plan on going to Japan, Europe, Mexico and parts of the U.S. to represent Miss Nude Universe '93. Also, of course, I'll go anywhere in the world that would like to have me.

Q. Do you remember the first time you went on stage and danced?
A. Yes, I think every dancer does because it's real scary. Everyone's looking at you, and you don't know how you look, or if you look stupid. I had a couple of glasses of wine to relax, then I just did it.

Q. Isn't dancing nude or semi-nude in a room full of strangers an unnatural thing to do?
A. I think nudity is very natural, since we all came into the world that way. And, my motto is, if you got it, flaunt it.

Q. How would you explain the explosion of topless and bottomless clubs we've seen in the last few years?
A. I think the reason strip clubs have gotten so popular is because the girls that dance treat it as a job. We're very professional. We dance good and dress beautifully, because we're all competitive when we step onstage. We like to be complimented after each show because it feels good.

Q. Now, how do you bill yourself, as an exotic dancer? Do you take offense to the word stripper?
A. I bill myself as an entertainer that just happens to get naked. Like I said before, if you got it, flaunt it. A lot of people consider us dancers as strippers because that's exactly what we do — strip.

Q. Debra, what does the future hold for you?
A. I'd like to help out girls that start dancing. Show them the ropes. Maybe even teach them how to dance and what goes over well with the clubs, and where to get promos done. I've started my own agency called Debra Dare Productions, Inc. My partner and I set up magazine layouts and produce videos with my other company J.D. Video Promotions. I have my own cameraman and editor, as well as photographer, D.D. Inkster.

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