Diana Villegas Interview
(The Triplets)

MTV's "The Basement Tapes" is responsible for bringing these three sisters before the eyes and ears of America. They had performed in and around the greater New York City area, but it was on M.T.V. that The Triplets were "discovered." Their winning video, "Boys," won top spot after receiving 120,000 call-in votes!
The Triplets have just released their first national E.P. - "Break The Silence" on Elekton Asylum Records, and sister Diana talked with us about it.

Q. How did you get from Mexico to New York?
A. Where we lived in Mexico, there was a big American settlement. So, we know a couple of people who lived here. That's basically how we chose New York We just felt that because of the musical direction we were taking, we couldn't stay in Mexico. We were really into rock.

Q. Do the radio stations in Mexico keep up with our current Top 40?
A. It comes in way behind. It's like movies here could be a year old, and they're just hitting Mexico. It takes a long time, and it's very selective. It's like, you might still have The Osmonds, and one Led Zeppelin tune.

Q. Were you girls influenced at all by groups like Martha and the Vandellas, the Shirelles, and the Supremes?
A. We were too young to get into that. Obviously groups like the Beatles were in­fluenced by Martha and the Vandellas, but I think we were a little too young. We enjoy it. We go back now and listen to old Supremes records

Q. How did you raise the $20,000 to produce your winning video?
A. A lot of savings. A lot of friends. A Manager. A mother. It came from a lot of
different places. And, working.

Q. What do you think was responsible for your win, the video, the music, or both?
A. I think it was a combination of the two. You can have a great video, and if the song doesn't work out, then I don't think the video really works. You know, it was the story that everybody feels. Boy meets girls. They have a fight, and in the end love prevails. And, the song is good.

Q. And, speaking of fighting, do you and your sisters fight more now that you've had some success?
A. I don't know. We've been together for a long time. That's a tough question. I don't think we fight any more or less than anyone else does. I don't really think we fight that much.

Q. It seems as though everything in your career came together at exactly the right time. Was that just plain luck or the result of a lot of hard work?
A. I'd say a lot of hard work. It wasn't luck. You gotta be ready when the luck hits, or it passes you by.

Q. You're going on your first national tour soon. Will you be headlining or acting as a support for somebody?
A. I think initially it will be support, and then it'll be headling at the end of the summer.

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