Don Wilk Interview
(White Wolf)

R.C.A. has launched a massive promotional campaign for newly signed recording artists "White Wolf." Hailing from Canada (a country which has already given us Triumph, Rush, Loverboy, Bryan Adams. Helix, Anne Murray and Kick Axe among others), "White Wolf" is a force to be reckoned with. Lead singer Don Wilk does the talking.

Q. Don, you're aware of the existence of a group out of California called Leatherwolf. Are you afraid the public will confuse Leatherwolf with White Wolf?
A. No, I don't think so. There's a big enough campaign that R.C.A.'s putting on, that I don't think we'll have any pro­blems at all. We did find there was a band around I believe it was the Detroit area, called White Wolf, but they didn't have any kind of a label. They were together about a year and hadn't done a lot of gigs, and we more or less took care of that, so we wouldn't have any problems when we took the name.

Q. You guys were kicking around the Ontario bar circuit for 6 years. How did that club experience help strengthen the talents of this band?
A. We went out to the western part of Canada, Alberta, and the music scene is so different there, in the sense that everybody wants to dance. There's a dance floor in every bar. Rather than going to the point where we'd be really Top 40, we'd take a lot of heavy tunes that we enjoyed doing that they could dance to, along with trying to be like a concert type act. So, in that sense, it kept our minds going along with writing tunes. It tightened the band up. That’s for sure.

Q. According to your bio, your music has changed very lit­tle since 1975. That can't be true, can it?
A. No. I think what they meant in the bio was that we've tailored our sound around having that heavy sound, the Deep Purple, Uriah Heep sound, the bands of those days. What the bio means is we stuck to our guns; we want to be that type of band.

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