Emma Zale Interview

Emma Zale is one of the most talented, fastest rising, unsigned singers in the music business today. What a voice this lady has! Here's someone who can really sing.

Q.-You did a cover version of the 60's song "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations. Why did you select that song? Your version has a lot more energy, by the way.
A.-Yeah, a lot of people ask that. We were doing an in-store for our Christmas record up in Hackensack, (New Jersey) Record King, and the owner suggested that song for my voice. So I listened to it. He said it would be a real cool song, because there hasn't been a female cover of it. I really liked that song a lot. I just though it could have great harmonies. The way they (The Foundations) recorded it back then, they couldn't really do much with keyboards. I heard a lot of harmonies they didn't have there, so we decided to record it that way. Do a more up-dated version of it. We got a lot of responses from 60's fans. It was just played all over the place. We got a lot of radio airplay on it, because people know the song.

Q.-You describe your music as Power Rock/Pop Music. What does that mean?
A.-It's like a cross-over. It's pop, but with a metal flavor, with a harder flavor. It's music that has a lot of energy. I think it's really important when you perform live to have a lot of energy and be dynamic. To me that's what appeals when I see a band. If they're very dynamic whether they're metal, or heavy, or rock “n” roll, or whether they're just rock “n” roll like The Stones. To me it just means a lot of energy, totally opposite dance stuff, but with that pop flavor, so it would appeal, 'cause I want to be able to cross-over.

Q.-Is there any resentment in your band over the group being called "E.M. Zale"?
A.-(Laughs) No, not at all.

Q.-With all of your experience, don't you feel like that one "big break" just hasn't come your way yet?
A.-Yeah, I've been doing it for quite awhile. Now I'm taking a different approach. I'm just basically playing in Manhattan with a few gigs outside, doing the universities. I use to concentrate on Long Island, and New Jersey, and record people really don't go out there. I mean, it's sad to say it. You have to play specific clubs in Manhattan where they visit all the time. So, that's where we're concentrating on, the city area. We're doing colleges and Staten Island clubs on the weekends, but during the weekdays we're playing in Manhattan.

Q.-How are you getting bookings into these show-case clubs?
A.-I handle the business part of it myself. I also have a music lawyer who basically watches out for what I do. It's hard work. A full-time job really.

Q.-Your weekend gigs must pay for all the showcase clubs you do. Record company hangouts are notorious for not paying any money.
A.-Exactly. And the colleges pay pretty nicely.

Q.-Has there been serious interest by the record companies in Emma Zale?
A.-Yes, right not, there's a lot of interest, based on the Sleep Walking tape and my lawyers shopping that. We have a lot of A and R people coming to these particular places, so that's why I'm concentrating on that particular area during the weekdays.

Q.-Is the New York scene taking off again?
A.-Yes. A lot of new clubs are opening. A lot of the old ones are being renovated, which is nice. The sound systems are being up-dated. They have a lot of promoters.

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