Frank Carillo Interview

Carillo has a new album out titled "Street of Dreams." In 1978 Carillo's debut album "Rings Around The Moon" was received with much enthusiasm throughout the music industry. Group leader Frank Carillo spoke with usprior to departing for the second half of their tour with "Bad Company."

Q. It says in your bio information from Atlantic Records that you used to repair the guitars of rock stars. What rock stars came to you with their guitars and how did you get to do that?
A. It was some side line stuff I was doing at the time in addition to studio work. Dee Anthony (manager of Peter Frampton, J. Geils, Peter Allen) used to call me for specialty stuff. I played on Frampton's first two solo albums. I basically worked for "Humble Pie," Steve Marriott's stuff, putting in a pickup, etc.

Q. Which is harder, trying to get studio work or fronting your own group as you're now doing?
A. There's more pressure on me now, obviously, because I'm in the forefront.

Q. How did George Harrison encourage you?
A. He encouraged me mostly in a personal manner. I am grateful to both he and his wife. He invited me down to his house and I jammed with him. I met him in 1970 through Peter Frampton and Terry Dorr who was a friend of The Beatles. I don't like to talk about this too much to the press.

Q. Premier Talent — your booking agency — how much of a part have they played in your success?
A. They’ve been fabulous, and a real inspiration. When he (Frank Barsalona, head of Premier   Talent) heard the first album he said,   "OK, you've got it." We didn't have to audition. Frank Barsalona is for the artists — the people signed to him — and that's why he's a success. Frank Barsalona  has  broken his back for us and that's why we will break our backs for Frank Barsalona.

Q. Are rock 'n' roll fans the most fickle of all music fans?
A. It's the culture; the trends. Pop music has always been that way. It you've got 5 years you're doing really good. There aren't too many Led Zeppelins.

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