Gary Rossington Interview

"Returned To the Scene Of The Crime" (Ailanthic, Records) is the latest release from Gary Rossington. Gary Rossington, as you may remember, was one-half of the Rossington-Collins Band, and was a member of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Q. .Since the split up of Rossington-Collins, and the release of this album, what have you been doing? How were you able to make a living?    ,
A. Mainly I lived off royalties and investments I made. I have couple of Arabian horses...

Q. Sounds like Robin Leach will be paying you a visit soon.
A. No, we're just like everybody else.

Q. You always hear that if you’re. in the music business, you have to live in either .New York or L.A. You live in Wyoming. Are you able to stay in touch with the music business?
A. 'Oh, yeah, that's no problem. I don't really think you have to live in either New York or L.A. these days. We go out for a little while on the road and then come back.'

Q. When you wanted to record again, did you have to shop a demo tape, or showcase the band? How did that work?
A. Well, you can showcase, but we, myself, and my manager Jimmy Johnson flew to New York and played the tape (or all the major record companies. To be honest with you, only Atlantic was really interested, so we went with them.

Q. A couple of questions about your past. Why has there never been a book written on Lynyrd Skynyrd?
A. There have been a couple of books. You probably missed them. One was written by a roadie. I'm thinking of writing a book this year, telling my story, you know sit down with someone and tell my story.

Q. Denny .Joe Brown, Molly Hatchet's lead singer, described Ronnie Van Zant in me as a man who would "sucker punch you in a minute and lake no quarter." What does that mean?
A. I have no idea. I've never heard that before.

Q. Are you taking to the road in support of the album?
A. Yeah, we are. In March we'll be doing shows on the west coast, and we should be heading out your way soon

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