Gina Grace Interview

Out of Westwood, New Jersey comes the fast rising, all female quartet known as Pantara. Pantara has been together since the summer of 1984. They've compiled a very impressive track record for themselves in such a short time. Pantara was featured on the "Lady Killers" compilation album (New Renaissance Records); they've been featured in several music publications, including "Aquarian," and "Kerrany!", and they're receiving airplay on a number of east coast radio stations. They've also managed to find the time to showcase in New York's trendiest clubs, including the Ritz, L'Amours, Trax, Danceteria, and the Cat Club. We spoke with Pantara member Gina Grace.

Q. Your bio states that Pantara was formed because you "decided to make a stand for all the women in rock." What kind of stand are you talking about? Don't The Bangles, The Triplets, and The Pointer Sisters make a stand for all women in rock?
A. These other female groups did make a stand for women, but Pantara intends to take that one step further. While most female bands emphasize just vocal ability, Pantara are all accomplished on their instruments. There are several female bands out today, but none are very serious players.

Q. Why didn't you re-locate the band to L.A.?
A. There's really no difference. Most major label executives are in New York anyway, and bands generally ge paid better in clubs out here as well.

Q. When you headline a New York club, can you make anj money, or are you doing it just for the exposure?
A, We have a bottom rate that we won't go below, when playing clubs. We normally get paid very well for gigs. There are very few instances where we would play just for the exposure.

Q. Why did you feel it necessary to state in your bio that Pantara is drug free? Will that mean something to a record executive?
A. Yes. The fact that we don't do drugs would mean to a record executive that we are very serious about our music. For one thing, we won't run off with our advance money and spend it on drugs! But, more importantly, we realize how much popular bands are emulated by today's youth, and we would like to see more kids be drug-free too! Being in the spotlight, we must be responsible people!

Q. What did you do prior to joining Pantara?
A. I spent lour years at Berkley College of Music in Boston, while playing in bands and doing light studio work in the Boston area.

Q. You're showcasing for major labels. Is there any interest?
A. Yes. At this time, several major labels are interested in signing the band.

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