Gina Rosetti Interview
Miss Nude Italy 1994-1995

Gina Rosetti is a Los Angeles based performer experienced in all facets of the Exotic Dance business. Over the past five years, Gina has traveled across North America. She has appeared as both a house dancer and feature attraction at clubs in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, Texas, throughout the Midwest and across Canada.

She has just returned from Puerto Rico and early next year will begin a Pacific Circle tour that includes Australia, Guam, Taiwan, and Japan.

Miss Rosetti is also an accomplished actress and model. In May 1994, she completed principle photography on the soon to be released film "Slave World." Previously, Gina was involved in the made-for-cable movie "When A Stranger Calls." Her modeling credits include everything from working for Pepsi to appearing on a lingerie calendar, and numerous fashion shows.

Gina plans to bring her fully produced theme shows to the East Coast in the near future. She expects her new Fire Show to be the most spectacular ever seen in the Exotic industry.

She will also soon appear in national magazines and release her own poster.

We talked with Gina Rosetti recently.

Q. Gina, how did you first get into dancing?
A. I was modeling during my teens, and believe it or not, I was a complete tomboy, when I was younger, and had a little problem with shyness.

Q. You probably didn't look like this when you were a tomboy.
A. (Laughs.) Oh, actually, I was really busty when I was younger, but I always hung out with all the guys. That's why I do so well table dancing, because I can relate to guys. I never really hung out with girls when I was younger. (Laughs.) So, I can sort of be one of the guys when I have to be.

Q. But, how did your modeling lead you to take up dancing?
A. My shyness, and I was in a bar one afternoon and I was talking to one of the girls. One of the girls got sick actually, and I'd been hanging around with her for a few days, and she couldn't do her show. So, I decided oh, why not. (Laughs.) So, I went out and I did a show. I was so nervous; I forgot to take my clothes off. It was my very first show. I was so busy concentrating on my dancing. The whole thing was I wanted to try it, to see if I could do it. Everybody said, oh, no she's too shy, she'll never do it.

Q. What kind of dancer are you?
A. I do everything. Depending on what area I'm in, because they have different laws of course, for different states, and different clubs. So, I do everything from nude to bikini. It doesn't really matter to me. But, generally, I feature.

Q. In order to feature, do you have to have a background of adult films?
A. That can help actually. Porn stars of course make more money than anybody in the business, but that is not necessarily a requirement. There's a difference between show girls and features. Features usually have something like a really big chest or they do a fantastic fire show or they've done porn. Usually they have some specific thing that separates them from other people, or the magazines they've done, or something they center the publicity around.

Q. What's this movie "Slave World" all about? Is that an adult film?
A. Not exactly. It's sort of a B-rated horror movie is what it is. It's sort of an X-rated, B-rated horror movie. It's sort of like "Tales of the Crypt." There's a little segment and a bunch of horror movies. It's night time cable.

Q. Will you be a Feature act in all of the places you'll be performing on your Pacific tour?
A. Most of the places. They don't have Features in Taiwan usually. They do have features in some of the places, but not all.

Q. Can a person ever get used to taking off their clothes in public? Does it become natural for you?
A. Usually, unless I see one of my best friends in the front row, (laughs), yeah. Once I had an investment meeting, and I'd just gone to a really uppity luncheon, and then I did a Sunday gig, and the guys were sitting in the front row, and they did not know I danced.

Q. Did they recognize you?
A. Oh yeah. (Laughs.)

Q. From your perspective, what is it like to be up there on stage dancing? The music is loud, the lights are flashing, can you hear some of the comments that are directed your way?
A. Sometimes. Most of the time I think it really depends on where I am. Sometimes I'll be in a bar that I really love, and I'll be listening to a song that reminds me of something. My music, a lot of it, reminds me of people and places. I'm very sentimental about a lot of the music I choose. It usually has to mean something to me, for me to put my all into it, as well as be centered around a theme.

Q. What kind of music do you dance to?
A. I prefer more the classic rock. A lot of my theme shows require specific songs, like in my construction set I come out to "Takin' Care of Business" by B.T.O. (Bachman Turner Overdrive). I dance to "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton. I'm actually partial to hard rock, but that does not always go over so well with the club, so I have to be versatile.

Q. Can you dance to a ballad?
A. Oh yeah, usually my floor show which is the end show, like the last songs, you're completely nude, and it's a slow song, and you go in the shower, or you go in the bath tub.

Q. Can a woman, who is a house dancer, make good money?
A. The pay is usually fifty dollars a shift, and if you do four shows a day, and add ten dollars a song, you can make a thousand dollars a week doing that. And, you can table dance.

Q. Table dance means what?
A. It's just a term. Sometimes they'll give you a little box to dance on. I usually dance on the floor in front of the guys. I hate standing on those boxes, 'cause they always have little grooves, and they catch my heels.

Q. Besides the obvious attraction to doing what you're doing, which is the money, whey else would you dance? Do you genuinely like exotic dancing?
A. Everybody has their own reason. Some girls, it's the attention. For a lot of girls, it's supporting an unemployed band member. I always say, what do you call a band member without a dancer? It's a girlfriend, homeless. (Laughs.)

Q. So dancers really like musicians?
A. Yeah. I'm partial to long-haired men, ethnic longhaired men.

Q. These magazines you'll be featured in, are we talking nude modeling here?
A. Basically, yeah.

Q. And what's the reasoning behind doing that? Do you think a famous producer will see you and cast you in a movie?
A. It will bring up my price a lot. Well, for the publicity, yeah, that has a lot to do with it. You make it into Penthouse, it's not as big of a deal as it used to be, but it will pick up my price. It really does open a lot of doors. But primarily, it's to bring up my price for dancing.

Q. Besides the two movies you've made, what else have you done?
A. I was doing some promotional work for Pepsi. It was like a pretty face promoting the product, when they came out with new products, and openings. Its trade show modeling, which is probably the most rigorous modeling. You put in a lot of hours on your feet. It sort of establishes the face with the name.

Q, How long can a person expect to dance? I'm talking career-wise here.
A. It really just depends on the person. I personally think there comes a time when you're 30 that I just wouldn't want to do it anymore. It's very individual with everybody. I have a game plan to achieve certain things by a certain time. That's when I'll have what I set out to get.

Q. For someone looking at you onstage, and thinking what you do for a living is glamorous, you would say what?
A. The glamour aspect is very, very small. I'm a little more stable than most dancers though (Laughs). You can be a kid all the time in this business. You can be a child all the time. You don't have to grow up. Sleep all day. Party all night. People throwing all this adoration at you all the time. But they say it to the next girl. You just really have to keep your head about you, and always keep in mind why you're here and why you're doing it.

Q. What keeps the customers of gentlemen's clubs coming back? Do you think they have the idea of getting a dancer as a girlfriend?
A. Some guys, yeah. Everybody really has their own reason. A lot of it is loneliness. A lot of men are looking for some kind of companionship, if it's table dancing. Some just want a pretty girl to talk to. Other times, they're on their lunch hour with the guys. There's a lot of guys who come in for a particular event such as a stag or birthday. That's very common. There's just a lot of very lonely people out there. My best clients were the ones that never, ever came on to me. I've had a lot of nice people come in. A lot of them have really lousy marriages, and their wives don't bother to talk to them. There are guys that come into the club who have a real hate on for women. It doesn't matter what you look like, it doesn't matter what you do, they're going to find fault with you, 'cause their wives and their girlfriends won't take it. And, you have the guys who are just so vulnerable. They just got out of a relationship or marriage and they're just looking for a shoulder to cry on.

Q. And they can really get that much time from you? You're there to work.
A. Yeah, well, there are people who come in looking for a relationship. I mean, that's really the wrong place to get it from. For other guys, it's the neighborhood bar. I worked in clubs where it's just a convenient location, and they don't ever get dancers. They just sit there and hang out with their friends. So, then you have the guys who come in and try to take the girls home. You've got really everything that goes through a dancer bar. It depends also on the location of the bar, whether you get the business clientele or the bikers.

Q. Have you, because of your work, formed a bad impression of a lot of men?
A. I always keep in mind that it's not real. A lot of dancers have a hard time differentiating between reality and fantasy. You know, what goes on in there is not real. You don't stay young and beautiful your whole life. You grow old. The clock keeps ticking.

Q. It says in your bio. that you expect your new Fire Show to be the most spectacular ever seen in the exotic industry. That is one of your theme shows?
A. Yes. I'm using Hollywood pyro techniques. It's different.

Q. Something like "Kiss?"
A. Yeah, exactly. I was thinking of doing a "Kiss" show. It's so hard to find something new. There's so many things that have been done. It's very hard to find something that nobody else has done, in the business.

Q. You're almost like a touring rock group.
A. Most Features do have 'roadies,' or else they're appointed at the club sometimes. It's a lot of set-up. Some dancers have their own laser systems, but it's a lot of work. People don't realize how much work goes into being on the road and doing it well.

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