Oderus Urungus Interview

They claim to be from the Antarctic, but actually Richmond, Virginia is where they call home.
GWAR is short for God What A Racket. If we wanted to be mean and sarcastic, we could say that's a good description of their music. But, we won't say that. Instead, we'll just say that GWAR has to be one of the strangest, if not the strangest band around today.
GWAR vocalist Oderus Urungus talked ("Babbled On?") to us about his group.

Q: What do they call you for short - Ode?
A. Well, I've been called many things. Dracula. But, most of my friends just call me Oder. For short call me The Supreme Master of Elegant Oblivion. (Didn't I tell you this guy was weird?) Oh no, that's kind of long. Just call me Fred. I've decided I will be named a human name for this interview.

Q: How do you prevent personal information about your life, from being discovered by the press?
A: I often am disguised as famous game show hosts, or even a normal human. You might be at the supermarket checking out and I will be behind the counter, because it indulges my whim to do so. I can be anyone I feel like at anytime, you know. Ricardo Montabaln. Burl Ives. It's all the same to me. As far as any reality, any real kind of connection to the real world, well, I deny that most viciously. And, I'm indeed not a washed up art student. No, no, that's not me at all. There's no human relation to GWAR. There's no correlation between GWAR and the human race. I'm getting upset here.

Q: Why is that?
A: The mere thought that I Oderus Urungus would ever be compared to a human in any way except being totally supreme and magnificent-well, it fills me with revulsion and disgust. The human race have occasion to delight me and titillate my sensibilities, but for the most part I find the humans spineless, weak, vapid, but now tedious.

Q: Why haven't we heard more about GWAR?
A: The answer is very simple. The government is trying to suppress knowledge of GWAR. Indeed, many catastrophes that have occurred across the world, which are directly because of GWAR have been suppressed from your media. Did you know that we were the house band in Beirut for over eight years?

Q: I didn't know that. Why would the government be against GWAR?
A: I just don't know. There is a great conspiracy amongst the governments of the world to suppress knowledge about GWAR to the masses because they know that if the human race knows of GWAR's existence fully, and knows that indeed we are real, we are truly going to take over this planet, then they will forsake all allegiances to all nations, and flock to Antarctica and flock to our shows, and that would probably mean poor tax collection.

Q: Can we assume that anybody who would name a band GWAR, would've had some previous experience in the music business?
A: Well indeed, we invented the entire concept of music, for the human race, just as we invented everything you ever did that was worth credit. Of course, we let you pretend like you did it.

Q: You're not saying you're bitter or cynical about the music business are you, with a name like God what A Racket. You've been around, so you know how it works?
A: I've been around. I've worked my way up from the bottom of the industry, all the way to the top. Then I went to the bottom. Then I waded about half way up, and then I went up again. Then I went up again. Then I went to the bottom and then I went back up. So, I think I've seen it all. I think I've seen it all from the bottom up, and a little bit of this side as well. I can honestly say that I don't know what I'm talking about, when I say I don't know what I'm about to say.

Q: Are you sure you and David Lee Roth aren't one in the same?
A: Diamond Dave and myself have been known to hang out. It's true. We play golf together. He's one of the few human celebrities I can tolerate.

Q: Could GWAR write a song that would get radio airplay?
A: Well, unfortunately radios explode when GWAR is played on them. So, that is limiting airplay somewhat. Would we ever change our songs? Yes, we would be bent and manipulated no end by our manager Sleazy P. Martini, as long as it meant making more money. We could be on MTV. We could be on the radio at a whim, at the drop of a severed head, but we don't want to do that.

Q: But, why don't you want to do it?
A: Ahh. I don't know, just because it pleases me. What other reason do I need?

Q: Could you write a commercial song with a hook?
A: Well, as a matter of fact we did write an excellent song with a hook, but it went right through Martha Quinn's head and that blew the whole thing and the video went right off the air immediately.

Q: Do you ever get radio airplay?
A: Well, some of the more enterprising and indeed adventurous college radio stations will actually play the noises that humans call GWAR. And, the radios will explode. I understand they're playing GWAR a lot on Armed Forces Radio right now.

Q: I don't believe that.
A: Hmmm... the government won't tell you.

Q: Who came up with the idea to form GWAR? Where did the concept come from?
A: We were created when the entire universe was born.

Q: GWAR travels around in an old school bus. How do you fit all the people and gear in that bus?
A: The school bus is used only by the staves of GWAR, you see. They drive around with all of our equipment. We fly around in a giant bat-shaped helicopter. We have a giant bat. with a giant helicopter rotor blade sticking out. We used to fly around on a giant bat, then Sleazy said well, it'll do better if you ut a helicopter engine in it. That's Sleazy P Martini our manager. So, that was a good idea. We even went so far as to carve out the stomach, and make a little lounge, a Jacuzzi down there. That is how we fly around from gig to gig.

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