Helena Antonaccio Interview
(Playboy Playmate - June 1969)

She was voted one of the 25 Fan Favorite Centerfolds as “Playboy’s Sexiest Playmates”.
And why not?
After all, she was Playboy’s Playmate for the month of June in the year 1969.
Helena Antonaccio is her name.

Q – Helena, you started modeling when you were 18. Don’t models start at a much younger age?
A – Not necessarily. I did commercial modeling such as advertising products, not high fashion or runway, although I did a few fashion shows locally. I worked in New York mainly and did fairly well.

Q – For what medium?
A – Mostly print work for magazines for ads or products. No nude assignments. Strictly professional modeling in Manhattan.

Q – You were a Playboy Bunny at the New York Playboy Club. What was that like? Did you wait on famous people? Can you name “names”?
A – The New York Playboy Club was fun and exciting-----for awhile. I worked the morning shift and only on Fridays since I was a Playmate and didn’t have to work full-time. I loved the outfit and the attention I received but, I am not a very good waitress. Since I don’t drink I always got my drinks wrong or what to put in them. But, I am glad I did it. That is how I became a Playmate. At that time the only famous people I waited on were Johnny Carson and New York d.j.’s from that era.

Q – What was Johnny Carson like to wait on?
A – He was serious and polite. Ordered his drink and no fuss.

Q – You were also an actress. Would that have been onstage, t.v, or film?
A – I did small parts on t.v. movies and soap operas. I also did stage acting locally.

Q – How did photographer Pompeo Poser convince you to take your clothes off for the camera? I assume you were posing semi-nude.
A – They were nude. The photos you see all over the internet from 1969, some are the test shots. He asked me when I was doing the employee photos if I would like to be a Centerfold. Pompeo did not have to convince me. I always wanted to be a Playmate.

Q – How did life change for you when you became the June 1969 Playboy Playmate?
A – Well, for one you are in the spotlight. People think you are different and even now people think wow, you are a Playmate and always ask what is Hef like. I am so happy I did those years ago. My name is all over the internet, sometimes not flattering, but, hey at least they spell my name right. Only kidding, but, I will be remembered as Miss June 1969. I am very lucky.

Q – You’ve studied Astrology for 25 years. You say it’s had a major influence on your life. Why do you say that?
A – Astrology I use when I went to plan something. I need to find out where the planets are and how they will affect me personally. Not just my own sign, but my horoscope. It is a science that has been used for thousands of years, but people poo poo it and that is alright. At least I get some upper hand in situations that other people don’t have. It’s fun to use.

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