Henry Priestman Interview
(The Yachts )

In town for an appearance at the Slide Inn, "The Yachts" are Liverpool, England's latest export to the music world. On Polydor Records, this 4 man group recently saw half the New York press turn out for their Bottom Line gig, as well as members of "Blondie". Henry Priestman, the group's keyboard player, spoke with us after their Syracuse concert.

Q. What is this group all about, what are you trying to say?
A. We're a rock 'n' roll group. We're not trying to say anything. We enjoy doing what we're doing, that's why we're doing it.

Q. Are you getting tour support from Polydor?
A. Yes. If we didn't, we wouldn't have been able to come over.

Q. What's going on in the British music scene today?
A. There's a lot of little bands that are doing good. It's easier to get a band going. The club scene is thriving. It's quite easy to get a single out.

Q. Elvis Costello — "The Yachts" have performed with him. What's he like?
A. We've done 5 or 6 support gigs with him. We know him quite well. He's always been a nice guy to us.

Q. Where's your tour taking you?
A. Across the US. We finish up in LA on November 11th.

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