James Photoglo Interview

James Photoglo was born and raised in Los Angeles. Photoglo is his real name. Photog'lo's latest and first album can be found in Twentieth Century Fox Records. Released in mid February, the album has been getting extensive airplay in the southeast, northwest, and midwest. Here is one recording artist to keep your eye on.

Q. Tell me a little about your musical background?
A. I was 18 years old and playing in an 8 piece group called "Stronghold" that did covers of "Chicago" and "Blood, Sweat, and Tears” We played a place called Gazzari's in Hollywood. Later I was to meet and write with my partner Brian Neary.

Q. You've traveled extensively across the U.S.
A. During a hiatus I'd taken from music I traveled 12,000 miles, living in a van, seeing the country with an old roommate.

Q. Are you always writing?
A. I'm always looking for an inspiration, an idea, a different groove.

Q. Have you ever suffered writer's block?
A. All the time, but I've learned to let it pass. When it's not happening, it's not happening.

Q. You played at the 1976 party in L.A. that honored Paul McCartney and Wings. What was that like?
A. It was a wild, wild deal. The party was held on Harold Lloyd's estate with 700 invited guests -people like Tony Curtis, Warren Beatty, The Who, and the list goes on. I was hired to back John Belushi when he sang his Joe Cocker song, which was the finale of the night.

Q. Ever hold any non-musical jobs?
A. Oh sure. I had a number of odd jobs; I worked in a liquor store, drove a cargo truck, and did manual labor.

Q. Are people ready to listen to someone like yourself who doesn't use any gimmicks?
A. I think everything points towards people listening to traditional music. Even the new wave music is shadowed out of basic rock 'n roll.

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