Jay Johnson Interview
(Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Was It a Hoax?)

A popular saying in the 1960’s was “Question Authority”.

You were considered radical and a “nutcase” if you did.

Fast forward to 2012, December 14th 2012 to be exact, the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Jay Johnson, through his website sandyhookhoax.com questions the reporting of the shooting at that school.
He is considered a “radical”.
Some things never change.

Q – Jay, I first heard about your website and the fact that people think the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax on CNN, a 10 minute segment by Anderson Cooper.
A – I saw it. He said how terrible people are.

Q – He dismissed it. Why wouldn’t the major media, CNN or ABC or NBC or CBS look into some of the things you’ve posted on your website, or have they and gotten back to you?
A - No. They're locked and loaded for the story that it happened. Oklahoma City. 9-11. All those are the same. There's some kind of Black Ops thing that involves the networks that the government and the networks cooperate in. The networks just don't go there. Sometimes they'll be some competition between the Left and the Right. One network will say something, a little bit more of the truth, that's bad about the other side. But you never hear any serious conversations about these certain black op subjects. There's absolutely no way that anyone with the slightest intellect can believe Sandy Hook happened the way they say it happened.

Q – The Sandy Hook shooting occurred on December 14th. You website went up on December 21st correct?
A – Right.

Q – How long did it take you before you said to yourself something doesn’t seem right here?
A – I put an ad in the local paper, The Newtown Bee for my little necklaces, ‘cause I thought the kids could wear one of my little necklaces and put the name of one of the victims on the back of it. You know, a little sticker with their name, so they could walk around with a necklace to remember their friend. So, I put an ad in the paper. Five bucks for a little necklace. Then I saw on God like Productions I think, is where I first saw the Newtown Bee reported that the Principal told ‘em that there was all these shots and that there was a shooting.  But, that was impossible because the Principal had been killed. Its like how can a principal who’s been killed give this story? A few days later they finally retreated that story and said well, we spoke to someone who said they were the Principal. That rings about as true as two plus two equals five. There’s no way somebody pretends to be the Principal and says all this stuff. Then there were other things that were obviously wrong from the very beginning.

Q – Like the identity of the shooter. Adam Lanza was identified as Ryan Lanza.
A – Yeah.

Q – The mother was a school teacher who worked at Sandy Hook…
A – And then she wasn’t. And there’s probably two dozen things you could list off, even contradicting eye-witnesses.

Q – We heard Adam Lanza had some mental problems, but last I heard he didn’t have any mental problems.
A – We don’t know anything about him what-so-ever for the last 3 years.

Q – That is so strange for a person to be completely off the radar for that amount of time. And, usually by now a family member would have come forward. We’ve heard nothing from the father or brother.
A – And the Dad was reported killed too. The Dad was reported killed when it first came out. The mom was costing the dad a lot, a lot of money and I don’t know that that has anything to do with it. If you were an investigator who was really investigating you’d say he could have a motive to get that lady killed because she’s costing him a quarter of a million dollars a year, or whatever it is in alimony. I think the most glaring thing is the photo of Adam Lanza that they used to make him look like a psycho. It’s not a photograph. It’s some kind of re-creation. They created a monster from old photos of his and made it look all grainy. Where’d they get that picture? They don’t say. Who gave them that picture? They’re just obviously trying to brainwash people into thinking this is what somebody would look like who would walk into a school and kill kids. You gotta get into the real core of it and actually trust your own intuition or whatever you want to say, your own logic, your being, what you are, how you think and I just thought could anyone walk into a school and start shooting little kids? I thought no one could do that. The only person who would do that potentially would be some kind of paid assassin, who was trying to accomplish some kind of political objective, like a military-type psycho. There’s nothing in the world that would say Adam Lanza was anything like they type who would do that. The way they described the weapons and the bullets, there’s no way he could carry all that and there’s no way they would let him in. The whole thing is just an impossible story.

Q – We were told he broke the glass in the door to get in. You did hear that didn’t you?
A – Yeah.

Q – Shouldn’t there be a video of Lanza doing that? Why haven’t we seen it?
A – They’re talking about maybe he cut the power and shut off the video. The whole thing is they’ve got the school closed now so they can create that footage. Oh, he’s wearing a mask! There he is. They’ll show some guy walking up in a mask. Oh, yeah, that’s Adam Lanza. There’s the video. That’s probably what they’ll do. They really don’t care because they’ve already got their gun control. Everybody’s all up in arms. All the government workers look like saints. That’s the common thread in all these killings; they always make the government workers look like saints. Trust the government workers.

Q – You call your site the sandyhookhoax.com. When you say hoax, do you mean the children at Sandy Hook were never killed or it didn’t happen the way it’s been reported?
A – The hoax is just a word that was being thrown around at the time. You’ve got to think of a web name and it works. It kind of had a ring to it. I didn’t really intellectually decide it was a hoax at that time. I would absolutely positively say it didn’t happen anything like they say it did. I think most of the people they’ve paraded out on t.v. are actors. What really happened, who knows? If they maybe kidnapped some kids.

Q – To pull something like that off, wouldn’t you have to have quite a few people involved?
A – Well, there aren’t that many people who would have to be involved. You seal (the building) off. Nobody’s coming in. They didn’t let anybody see anything. Nobody has seen anything yet, really, except a few people. Then, they got a few people on the air to lie. Gene Rosen has got to be the biggest liar. He’s completely unbelievable. His whole story is complete idiocy. 

Q – Why do you think Gene Rosen isn’t telling the truth?
A – Well, first of all he said the kids came in his house. I mean, the first thing you do in a situation like that is call the police. These kids say their teacher’s shot, they’re freaked out, they’re away from school. Call the police immediately. He didn’t. He goes and gets them stuffed animals and talks to them. Supposedly that’s his story. All ready it’s ridiculous. He has one interview that’s on the Home page of my website where he contradicts himself 100%. It’s his first one. He even holds up his hands. You can see his body, language, don’t tape that! Don’t tape that! But, it’s already been taped and somehow it got out. He says he took the kids to the fire station in that interview. So, he changed his story 100%. Over and over again he says he counseled them or whatever, heard the story a little, bit by bit, which is just ridiculous. Then, in another interview he did, he said he took ‘em to the fire house. It’s on tape. But, in all his other interviews he says the parents came and got ‘em. They found the phone numbers of the parents and called the parents. Never does he mention they called the police. It’s just ridiculous.

Q – Didn’t he say the kids had gathered at the end of his driveway? Weren’t they with one of their teachers?
A – He says a man was yelling and sort of being aggressive with them. He didn’t identify the man. Then he said there was a lady bus driver, seemed to be a bus driver. You know he changes every time he says the story. She came in the house with him. As the story became questioned he started to edit it. He said the bus driver somehow got the kids phone numbers from the bus co. and that’s how they found their phone numbers. At first they tried the home phone numbers and the parents weren’t there. It was a cell phone number, a home phone number; they couldn’t get a hold of them. His story has changed if you watch every single interview. His story has changed many times. What’s really weird is not one single interviewer pressed him on any detail what-so-ever.  They just let him say whatever he was gonna say. That’s another sign that it’s completely staged. Even Megan Fox who sometimes is really gritty and aggressive in her interviews, she just let him say whatever he was gonna say.

Q – You don’t believe Emilee Parker’s father. In the news conference he gave, I thought he said he was a physician’s assistant. You say he’s an actor?!!
A – He can be several things. He apparently has that occupation, but, he’s acting in the video. You can see he’s laughing as he comes up to the camera. His friend or someone he apparently knows set up a donation site, before they even knew who was killed.

Q – Really? I never heard that.
A – Oh, yeah. But, they’re scrubbing all this information. It was out there right at first. That’s why I kind of started the website. There’s a debate on whether there was a mistake in Google cache or whatever cache, that they have pages cached, from before the shooting happened, donation sites opened up.  Various pages regarding the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Even the United Way had a page on Sandy Hook before December 14th. But, this guy’s friend said, ‘I apologize for the mis-information. We don’t know for sure if she’s dead or whatever’. It’s like they started a donation page before they even knew who was dead. Everybody who saw that who was awake or whatever you want to say said, ‘That guy is acting. That’s a joke. There’s no way he just lost a kid. I haven’t lost a kid.’ I’ve thought about it. It’s horrific.

Q – You’re thinking he should’ve come up to the microphones sobbing?
A – He would’ve spent the last two nights in Hell. Your eyes would look horrible. He looked like a composed, almost like a rock star, before he started. If you’re on these (web) sites, people are chatting, people who have lost a kid, have come on there and said there’s absolutely no way any of these people have lost a child. And these people are absolutely emphatic about it. I swear there’s absolutely two dozen things they’re contradicted in the story, factual matters. For instance, on the police audio scanner, they have police officers in the school, ‘We’ve got a long rifle and a shot gun’. Now, there are only pistols. It is impossible to mistake pistols for rifles and shotguns. No one can do that. Somehow, this police officer in the school, on the police scanner says, ‘We’ve got a rifle and a shotgun’.

Q – Has that police officer been identified?
A – Well, no. None of ‘em have been. I’ve got on my conspiracy page a guy who looked at that audio and said, ‘The first two police officers speaking are there before there’s even a report’. They’re in the school before there’s even a report.

Q – You mean security officers?
A – No. Police officers.

Q – I mean regularly assigned security officers.
A – Oh, I don’t know. There’s no indication of that. These guys are on the police scanner telling the other cops what to do. The officers on the inside told the officers on the outside ‘Stay out there. We’re checking the inside’. I forget exactly what they said. Think how impossible that is. There’s a rifle and shotgun in here the police officer says. Then oh, no, it’s all pistols. Then they changed that three or four times. Even the coroner says they were all shot with a rifle, all the ones he looked at, and he looked at most of ‘em. They were all shot with a rifle. Now, they’re all shot with a pistol. It’s impossible.

Q – Wait a minute. A rifle? What’s all this talk about an Assault weapon?
A – I think that’s what the coroner was referring to. I’m not sure. The coroner said in his interview all the ones he looked at were shot with a long rifle, whatever that means. Now, they’re all shot with a pistol and there was no long rifle in the building. They found it in the car, and they’re searching the cat at night time?! Why did they wait ‘til night time to search it? There’s so many things. It would take you 12 hours to write as ridiculous as it is. It’s impossible to express how ridiculous this story is and how unbelievable it is.

Q – What’s this about Alison Wyatt? Some woman claims the picture of Alison that is out there is actually her daughter’s picture?!!
A – Yeah, they stole her daughter’s picture and put it out for donation pages. Some of the media took that picture and thought it was the real thing. She said the picture suddenly had thousands of ‘likes’ on her daughter’s picture. How did my daughter’s picture get involved? There’s other sited that say they’ve basically taken missing Persons photos of various people and used them as the victims. I haven’t gotten into those ‘cause they’re really so hard to prove.

Q – So, Alison Wyatt doesn’t exist? Is that what you’re saying?
A – No. Her picture is in the class picture. Somebody found a really cute, adorable girl on the Internet and took that picture and put it up there as that Alison Wyatt, and said donate money to the Alison Wyatt Fund. The cuter the girl, the more money you’re gonna get. I don’t know that the media did that.  I think a tabloid in Britain picked it up and maybe some other media and assumed it was the girl, so, it wasn’t just Facebookers. That isn’t really nefarious I don’t think. It’s just people being stupid. The nefarious part is, the Adam Lanza picture. That’s number One. There’s no way they got that picture. They created it. The rifle-shotgun thing is probably Number Two. The Gene Rosen thing is Number Three. Number Four would be the Principal, giving an interview after she’s dead. The Attorney General being in Connecticut 2 weeks before the shooting, talking about some gun violence initiative with the Governor of Connecticut and the Governor of Connecticut going on saying ‘We were warned to expect something like this’. There was a shooting drill less than an hour away. One guy has a theory that is really interesting that they had this drill an hour away and some of these people who are giving these accounts are actually participating in that drill. They’re saying those things happened basically on the drill. That’s really a little too shaky to put your teeth into. I couldn’t quite follow it, but it is really interesting.

Q – How did you come to the conclusion that is not Adam Lanza’s photo that we see? Is that something you came up with?
A – There’s a guy who shows how they manipulated (it) ‘cause Adam Lanza was a cute kid. Then all of a sudden he becomes this monster. They elongated his face and did all those things to make his face look like a ghoul. There’s no way they came up with that picture somewhere. If somebody looks like that, they don’t leave that picture laying around. And, there’s no record of him being on the Internet for the last three years. So, where did they get the picture?

Q – Did he have a driver’s license?
A – There’s basically no record. He was basically supposed to get his car from his dad based on the divorce papers. There’s no record of him having a car. Even the car they said was his mom’s car, now they’re saying it wasn’t his mom’s car. It’s a relative’s car. There’s another thing. If a witness contradicted themselves this many times they’d become a suspect. And that’s really the way you gotta think about it. These people are contradicting themselves so much they are suspects.

Q – Jay, there’s only one funeral home in Newtown. We saw all these coffins being carried in and out of that funeral home. Would you say they were empty?
A – Well, that’s a part of the story I sort of stay away from, ‘cause anybody can say anything. I know they weren’t letting certain kids be seen by the parents or that was the story. The story is not real. You already know that. They’ve already said a hundred things that aren’t real so you can’t trust a single thing they say. But, they weren’t allowing people to see their own kids. They were only allowing them to identify them by photographs. I have not heard that anybody saw any actual child’s body dead, in a casket. I am not so bold to say that no kids died. I’m bold to say, I wonder whether any kids died. If there are missing kids they’re more likely abducted in my mind. IF there were kids actually shot and killed and there were, it wasn’t done the way they said it was that’s for sure. They’re lying up and down and they’re covering something up. There’s no integrity. There’s no accountability. The media is completely ignoring the inconsistencies, utterly completing ignoring them. This Florida professor who says he thinks it’s a hoax, Fox News Liz Wheeler or whatever her name is, said ‘Florida State or Florida University could fire him for gross incompetence, for being completely stupid and even imagining that it might not be real’. If people knew how much they were being lied to the whole thing could crumble. And they just won’t go there to where people would say we cannot trust these guys what-so-ever for anything.

Q – And the ultimate reason for perpetuating this hoax would be what?
A – Registering guns. It’s a United Nations thing where they’re cooperating for however long trying to merge their laws with the United Nations laws. Also what I’ve noticed is they’re projecting anybody working with the government as saintly. Here come the saints! The saints come marching into Newtown. Look how wonderful these teachers were. These heroes. One teacher said she put the kids in a bathroom and hid ‘em and the government came and they all stayed safe. They got away. Then the story comes out she hid ‘em in a closet, not a bathroom, even though she said on national t.v. a bathroom. So, that’s another one. You’re a saint, if you’re a public servant. If you’re part of the system, you’re safe. Don’t buck the system. So, anybody that is part of the system is gonna go along with whatever the system is doing. Anybody that’s in the media that’s making way more money than they’re worth, talking on the television – is not gonna buck the system. If you’re part of the party, you’re the good guys. IF you’re not you might as well be shot, you’re so evil. I’ve had probably 50 emails of people, just venomous hatred towards me. They’re questioning the story. I mean venomous.

Q – Threatening would you say?
A – Oh, yeah.

Q – Are you concerned?
A – Of course I’m concerned. Somebody hacked my site. Right now, if you search on Google, for Sandy Hook Hoax, it used to be the first, second, or third thing to come up. If you search it right now, it won’t come up at all. You will not be able to find it on Google. Somebody hacked in and hid me from all the Search Engines. They don’t like me. It’s kind of weird because they put me on the CNN thing, Salon.com did an article. That’s the article that set it off. Once they did it, then all the other places saw it. Right now, if you search on Google, for Sandy Hook Hoax, I won’t be there.

Q – You have a photo on your site which you say is Emilie Parker meeting with President Obama.
A – Yeah.

Q – Let’s just say it’s a look-a-like. You can’t get access to the President of the United States, unless you’re checked out before meeting him, by the Secret Service. I don’t know the girl’s name and you can suggest its Emilie Parker, but, the Secret Service must know. If somebody were to contact you telling you the name of that girl, would you be satisfied or not?
A – I am not at all convinced of anything in this. I put that picture up there because, look these people are acting. They don’t look like they lost a kid. There’s not a single tear shed. This girl could very easily be the same girl that is in the other pictures and they could very easily have manufactured the older sister using Photoshop. A lot of the pictures look photo shopped. I’m not saying they did that, but it is very suspicious especially when you consider how fast the donation pages went up and how slick it was. It’s like this whole thing was made for making money. There are some pictures where it does look like they have three kids. But, if you go on my site, the Aunt of this Emilie, goes on t.v. and says Emilie was an inspiration to her big sisters. The sisters are little sisters. So, it’s like how can an Aunt make that mistake? You don’t make that mistake. You don’t say that. The politicians like to say she mis-spoke. O.k. maybe she did, if you take that in isolation. You could possibly make an idiot mistake like that once. There’s a photo in there where her arm is about one and a half times too long and it looks like it’s out of joint to wrap around her sister’s shoulder, and her head is smaller than her little sister’s  head. I had a guy who has nothing to gain, and knows nothing about the incident look at the photo. I said, ‘Does this arm look wrong’? He said, ‘That’s absolutely wrong. That arm is fake. That’s a photo shopped picture’. He has nothing to gain (by saying that). So, there are pictures that are clearly fake of that family. There’s nothing about the thing that makes any sense at all. Anybody who gets all uptight about it and is all righteous about it, what about the families and their emotions? They’re just reactionary. They don’t have a clue how seriously wrong this story is, and how impossible it is that it’s true and how much lying is going on, whatever you want to say, hoax or whatever you want to call it.

Q – I don’t understand why someone like Anderson Cooper of CNN doesn’t address the concerns you’ve posted on your site.
A – He’s so myopic. The only thing he could talk about (on a return visit to Newtown) is how can anybody think because those people smile while they’re being interviewed, when they’re thinking about their children they smile. He thinks that all it is, that people are upset about this whole issue because people smile when they talk about their dead kids. And that isn’t all it is. There’s a thousand things and that’s just one of ‘em. But, Anderson Cooper is worthless. His whole analysis is complete garbage. He shouldn’t be on the air. They’re smearing people like me who are simply stating facts asking what is going on. They’re making us outlaws. It’s evil what they’re doing. They can’t be held to account because they’re on the airwaves.

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