Jerry Doucette Interview

From Canada and on Mushroom Records, Jerry Doucette is making his music known. Currently on a tour of Western Canada, Doucette has opened for the U.S. tours of the Doobie Bros., The Beach Boys, and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Booked by Variety Artists International and managed by Marty Pichinson (Jay Ferguson, "Miracles," Tommy Roe), Doucette's career looks bright.
We interviewed Jerry Doucette for a closer look at what's happening in the Canadian music scene.

Q. Is it as hard for you as it was for the "Guess Who" (a Canadian rock group) to get any kind of recognition in your own country?         
A. It's not as hard as when the "Guess Who" started out. My first album sold over 100,000 copies which is platinum over here. My tours and promotion have been very good.

Q. What is the Juno Award you were given?
A. Its equivalent to your Grammy Awards. Doucette (group) was named as the most promising group of 1978.

Q. Have you worked with other musicians who have gained international success?
A. I worked with all the guys in "Prism" when they were called "Seeds of Time," and then I was in the Rocket Norton Band. Eventually I went my way and they went theirs.

Q.  Is it hard to find good musicians who you can get along with personally?
A. Yes. I'm a soft-hearted guy and I'll usually give someone a chance, 3-4 months to work out in the band. My current band is doing quite well. We all get along with one another.

Q. What are you willing to go through in order to get that superstar fame and money?
A. I’d stand on a bridge and spit wooden nickels. After what I’ve been through to get this far, a little more pain wouldn’t hurt.

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