John Bush Interview
(Armored Saint)

And yet another L.A. "metal" group has been signed by a major label. This time around, good fortune smiled upon "Armored Saint." Expect an album from the group to be released in late August on Chrysalis Records.
Vocalist John Bush fills us in on the details.

Q. Signing with Chrysalis, what does that now mean for your career?
A. That means a lot more push in the business for us. That means money for promotion, costumes, and touring. It's very important. Chrysalis is a great label, because they're very small. They only have around 13 acts.

Q. Are record companies signing every West Coast "metal" group in sight? That is the impression the East Coast is getting anyway.
A. Ha! Ha! It does seem that way doesn't it! Well, although there's been a lot (Saint, Ratt, Great White, Black 'n' Blue). I think Saint is more heavy than the other bands. They are more like a harder pop sounding band. Armored Saint is definitely more "metal" sounding than these groups.

Q. Did you have any clue at all that this band would take-off the way it has?
A. Yes, well, we always had the confidence and drive to make it happen. But, there's a whole hell of a lot more to conquer.

Q. David Lee Roth says, "It takes an extreme attitude to do it in rock n' roll." Does Armored Saint have that extreme attitude Roth is talking about?
A. By all means! We are maniacs! Our heroes are The Wez, Bubba, Toe Cutter, Max, (characters from Road Warrior and Mad Max) I think that's quite extreme, although you do need to know the difference between stage and reality.

Q. It's taken you guys only 2 years to land a recording contract. Is that considered enough lime for a "metal" group to have paid their dues?
A. It could really go both ways. Yes, it has. or no, it hasn't. But. one thing, getting a record deal and being a huge successful band are definitely two things! Yes, we did get a deal, but we're far from being huge yet. Ha! Ha!

Q. If a group calls themselves "metal," do they have to wear the "uniform" that goes along with it? I'm talking about the leather and all the other "metal" accessories that go with it. After awhile, it becomes very difficult to tell groups apart.
A. I agree 100%. I think a lot of "metal" bands do feel like that Image is important, so people can identify with a band, that is. as long as it's unique and original! That's why we’re incorporating the armor look! After all. we are Armored Saint

Q. What kind of image would "Armored Saint" like to project?
A. Five Armored Knights out to lead the youth of the world, to create muting on the world, a new revolution. The concept is this: Armor is protection and we're saints, so we're good guys. Evil will be destroyed by the March of the Saint. We are good guys, but we'll still kick your ass, if you need it kicked.

Official Website: ArmoredSaint

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