Johnathan Banks Interview
(The Future Heavyweight Boxing Champion)

He’s the lead trainer for world heavyweight champion Wledimir Klitschko but on September 29, 2014 he’s going to step into the ring against Antonio Tarver.

Having just signed with the Tara Thomas Agency and promoted by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, Johnathan Banks is well on his way to becoming the future heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Q - Johnathan, how long have you been in training for this fight of yours?
A - About 6 and a half weeks.

Q - Is that the normal amount of time a boxer would need to get ready for a fight?
A - I mean it kind of depends on the performance of the person. Usually it’s something like that.

Q - When you win against Antonio Tarver, and notice, I said when...
A - Yeah, I’m right along with you.

Q - What does that mean for your career?
A - It just means another step in the right direction. That’s really what it is. That’s the main thing you want. You want to take a step in the right direction.

Q - How did you come to the attention of Golden Boy Promotions?
A - I’ve been dealing with Golden Boy for quite a few years. I think Tarver is closer to Golden Boys than I am. I’m closer to K2 Promotions, my company. They joined in with Golden Boys to put the fight on.

Q - What is K2 Promotions? That’s your company?
A - It’s actually the Klitschko brothers. It’s their company.

Q - How did you get into Boxing?
A - I went to the rec center. It’s something that was a passion. It was something I always wanted to do. Through the recreational center I’ve been able to live my dreams actually.

Q - How long have you been a professional boxer?
A - Since 2004.

Q - There was a time when you’d turn on the TV and you’d see boxing matches at least once a month on HBO and Showtime. I’m talking about the heavyweight division. You don’t see that anymore. What’s going on? Guys aren’t  going into boxing anymore?
A - You’ve got dozens and dozens of heavyweights out there but, the main champion really fights a lot overseas. He does fight in the states sometimes as well. But, all the guys that are coming up against him, to fight him, have been losing. He’s been showing that he’s more superior than all of the heavyweights.

Q - Is he fighting overseas because there’s no more money in Las Vegas or Atlantic City?
A - I don’t believe that. I just believe maybe it’s because of TV contracts. Maybe (his) popularity may be stronger over there for the fight to be over there, not necessarily because it’s not alive in America because every division is alive and well in America and it’s coming back stronger and stronger each day.

Q - Do you have sponsors or is that something you stay away from?
A - I don’t stay away from them. I’ve always dealt with different sponsors. Sometimes it depends on where I’m fighting. I fought a lot overseas. I’ve dealt with some European sponsors. One of the guys I train is the heavyweight champ of the world. He’s from the Ukraine. His brother is the mayor of Kiev, Ukraine. So, he is basically the guy to beat, (Wledimir Klitschko), but, the guys going up against him haven’t been able to do it.

Q - When I said sponsors, I should have said product endorsements.
A - No. I’ve been asked by a few but, I haven’t endorsed any of them as of yet.

Q - I was surprised to see that the highest – paid athlete in the world is a boxer (Floyd Meriwether Junior) and doesn’t have any endorsements. You know who I’m talking about don’t you?
A - I definitely know who you are talking about.

Q - I appreciate the fact that he can use all his time to concentrate on the boxing.
A - I mean that’s all part of the business anyway. When the Bell rings, sponsors and all of that doesn’t matter. I believe he does have some type of sponsors because anybody that’s branded like him some company is going to get him to wear something, to pay him to wear something, so other people who may not have normally seen it are able to see it.

Note: Antonio Tarver fractured his thumb which caused the fight to be canceled. There is hope it will be rescheduled.
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