Johnny Mathis Interview

He's been called "the greatest romantic singer of all time" by Rona Barrett and "the best popular singer in America today" by Bill Pollack of the L.A. Herald-Examiner.
His name is Johnny Mathis. Johnny Mathis has more than 50 gold and platinum albums and singles to his credit. He holds the all-time unchallenged record of having one album, "John­ny's Greatest Hits," on Billboard's record charts for nine and a half years!
He is second only to Frank Sinatra for having the most successful records from 1974 on.
His total record sales worldwide are over one hundred million.
In this age of superstars, we are proud to present an interview with a genuine superstar - Johnny

Q. It must be the year for duets. Kenny Rogers is doing them, K.C. is doing them and you have one on your new album "Difference Kinda Different'- (Columbia Records) with Paulette. What can you tell us about Paulette?
A. Her last name is McWilliams. She's a dancer, and a singer. She's had several very successful commercials, including the Parkay Margarine. We met one time and talked. I told her how much I enjoy her work and it just so happened she was available for the single. She won't be going on the road with me.

Q. I liked your version of "She Believes In Me," off last year's "Mathis Magic" album. I'm wondering why you couldn't have had the original hit with it. Do you have people scouting for material for you?
A. Yes, many people. Why I didn't have the hit, that's a long story and the most enigmatic part of this business. Sometimes I get 'em and sometimes I don't. That's one I missed.

Q. Whatever happened to the man who discovered you - George Avakian?
A. He's an independent producer of different things.

Q. Before George Avakian walked into the 440 Club that Sunday afternoon, had you been singing professionally at all?
A. I started singing professionally at 13. I was discovered at 13 by a lady who became my business manager. So I sang around San Francisco for six years and Mr. Avakian discovered me when I was 19.

Q. Are any of your brothers or sisters involved in show business?
A. No, but they're all good singers and musicians.

Q. Can you think of any famous person you'd like to meet but haven't already?
A. No, not really.

Q. How many months a year are you on the road and what venues are you appearing at?
A. Eight months a year on the road and soon I'm off to the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, then on to Valley Forge, Pa., and finally to the Westbury Music Fair for ten days. Then I come home.

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