Jerry Gaskill Interview
(Kings X)

For the members of the Kings X, the search for their own sound and identity began a decade ago. Meeting in Springfield, Missouri, they went the route of most bands - the club circuit, for five long years. Relocating to Houston, Texas in 1985."Kings X" teamed up with ex Z.Z. Top manager, Sam Taylor. And then things really started happening. Signed to Mega Force Records Kings X latest release is titled, "Faith Hope Love."
Drummer/Vocalist Jerry Gaskill does the talking.

Q. - Jerry, you toured with a Syracuse, N.Y. group named the "Masters of Reality" a few years ago. What do you remember about that tour?
A. - Well, remember that I really liked those guys. I thought they were a really good band. They were playing some real music. It was one of those tours in the early days when maybe one city we played would be packed, and the next city there would be ten people. One of those kind of tours. That's kind of what I Remember about that, (laughs) I know that at one point the Masters of Reality just broke up. The guys just said, "We're out of here" and a couple of 'em just went home.

Q. - Billboard writes, "Kings X continues to defy description," The Chicago Tribune says you're "too sensitive for the heavy metal crowd and too loud for the pop audience." Does it work to your advantage or disadvantage when critics cannot categorize the band?
A. - Well, I imagine in the scheme of marketing it would be good if they could put us into a category. But, for me personally, I like the idea that they can’t. As far as the industry, and how that affects us, I don't know it may be better if they could categorize us. I don't know. I'm happv the way things are.

Q. – How did you come to the attention of Mega Force Records?
A. -We'd been making demos for years. We made one and sent it to every record company we could imagine, and everybody was saying no. So, we decided to make another demo and we did this one by ourselves. We worked with a producer on the other ones. We were a lot happier with this one. A friend of ours, somehow, through a mutual friend with Mega Force, heard the tape, and he suggested we send it to him. He thought they would like it. And, I think that's what happened. We sent 'em a tape, they liked it, we got in touch with 'em, or they got in touch with us, and they invited us out to New York to do a show. After the show, they said, "whatever you guys want, just name it."

Q. - What brought you and the other guys to Springfield, Missouri? Was it school?
A. - For Ty and me, the original idea was school. We talked about this later and both of us, in the back of our minds knew that we were going to meet other musicians, which is exactly what happened. Doug moved down from the Chicago area to join a band that I was joining at the same time, too. And, that's where I met Doug. It's all kind of hazy and vague to me now, but somewhere along the line, Ty and I were in a band together.

Q. - And for 5 years you played the club circuit where?
A. - Mainly In the mid-west, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, a little bit in the Colorado, Iowa area. Places like that. And, we went down to Texas, and sometimes up to Michigan, but mainly there in the Midwest.

Q. - Were you playing covers and sneaking in some original music?
A. – Yeah, that’s pretty much what we were doing. When we first got together, we were doing all originals. That was the idea, just to do what we're doing now, actually. Our manager at the time, informed us he was having a hard time getting us gigs, and that we needed to throw a few covers in there. So, reluctantly we said alright, we would do that. And the next thing we know, we're doing mostly covers, and just a few originals, just so we can survive.

Q. - Why did you relocate to Houston in 1985? Why not LA?
A. - Well, there were some people down there who had convinced us they believed in us and they were gonna help us with our career, and they had money, and we didn’t. And we just thought, after much deliberation that, that was the right move, and see what these guys can really do.

Q. - Several reports have it, that the response to Kings X, has been greater overseas, especially in England, than it has here in the States. Is that correct?
A. - Yeah. In England, it really is pretty amazing when we go over there. But there are certain cities where we can go to where it's somewhat similar to being in England. But they did take to us first. No doubt about that.

Q. - What would it take to increase the popularity of "Kings X" here in this country?
A. - I really have no idea. I guess if I knew that we'd be doing it.

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