Michael Lee Clayton Interview
(Robin Williams look-a-like)

Michael Lee Clayton is a Robin Williams look-a-like, who also happens to be a singer. Based out of Pennsylvania, we talked to Michael recently about this unique combination.

Q. When did you first realize you looked like Robin Williams?
A. I was a weekend warrior, a weekend entertainer, pretty successful, a lot of nightclub engagements, always with bands. When Robin Williams came out, people would constantly during the night go 'Na nu, Na nu' to me. I'd sing a pretty song like 'And I love you so,' and they'd go, 'na nu, Na nu' or 'Rrrr'. Well, I thought I had a similarity to him. I even watched the show and thought, well, I look something like him, but you know, that's not me. But my kids all said, 'You look like Robin Williams.' I went to his concert in April 1986 and that's when I fully comprehended that I was a look-a-like. That's when I started doing a one-man act.

Q. You have a repertoire of 3,000 songs. How long did it take to you to learn all those songs?
A. All my life. I started singing when I was 10 years old with my Dad in taverns, Irish music, and just about anything.

Q. You were on the Regis Philbin t.v. show recently. Did you get any work out of that?
A. I'd like to say yes, but no. It's the old story in the business, you gotta grind it out. There's a pretty good demand for my stuff now. It's really starting to pick up.

Q. So what happened the night you went to see Robin Williams?
A. I went with friends, and I went to sit down front. As I was walking in, before the show started, everybody in the audience stood up and cheered for me, and said, 'Welcome to Hershey (Pa.) Robin.' And I was in street clothes. So, I sat down in front, and one by one, young people came up for autographs. Finally, they mobbed me in front of the stage. So, security guards came around and got me, and took me to the back. I was signing some autographs there and it got so bad they had to move me again. There were 13, 14 guards guarding me. And one by one they found out I guess, that Robin Williams just came in the theatre. So, I said 'I'm gonna watch the warm-up comedian who had already started. I'm sitting down front & the warm-up comedian keeps looking at me. When he finished his act, he started to introduce me. So they stopped the show, put the houselights on, and the security guards and the promoter came out and got me. They took me out back, and held up the show for 20 minutes. They asked me if I would mind sitting in the press box. I didn't mind, but I said I want to meet Robin.

Q. And what did Robin say to you?
A. 'Nice Face.' We clowned around. We're both hyper­active. The two of us were bantering back and forth. He's a real nice guy. He's a very, very, very good man.

Q. Have you two' kept in touch?
A. No, not at all. I never followed up on that because I'm not pushing myself as a look-a-like. I get look-a-like work, but I'm pushing myself as what I am, which, is a singer. I do a complete show. I'm a one man act. Sound, lights, and my own music. I don't have a band. I come out and do a whole show. I do Robin Williams comedy. My vocal does carry itself. When I'm done doing the comedy, then I start singing. I get the people on their feet and they cheer.

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