Michael Stanley Interview
(The Michael Stanley Band)

Cleveland, Ohio - home of Eric Carmen and The Raspberries and The Pretenders. The Michael Stanley Band is also from Cleveland and they, too, are showing the world what rock 'n' roll is all about. Their latest album is titled "Heartland" (EMI America Records). Group-leader Michael Stanley chatted with us.

Q. I've heard that in Cleveland this group can outdraw the super groups. Is that true?
A. We broke Led Zeppelin's record at Richfield Coliseum and drew 42,000 people to the Blossom Music Center, breaking the Doobie Bros.' record.

Q. What's the music scene like in Cleveland?
A. After traveling all over the country, I can say Cleveland has an extremely healthy music scene. You've got some incredible halls there as well as a flourishing local music scene. If they like you, you can develop a following.

Q. Where are some of the other strong areas for the group?
A. St. Louis, Florida has been real good to us, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale.

Q. How do you feel about being compared to Bruce Springsteen?
A. I take it as a big compliment. Usually I'll be compared to either Spring­steen or Seger. We're about the same age and grew up listening to the same things. To me Springsteen is the best.

Q. You recently opened for Jeff Beck. What was that like?
A. Jeff and his people were all great. The audience reaction varied in different parts of the country. It wasn't the most compatible bill because we're more vocally oriented than Jeff’s band.

Q. Do you have any advice to give beginning groups?
A. Surround yourself with people who are proficient at whatever job they do and who you can trust, so that you can concentrate on the music

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