Linda McSherry Interview

Formed in 1986, in New York City, "Missdemeanor" has made quite a name for themselves in the Northeast club circuit.
They're not signed yet, but that situation could change any day now.
Guitarist Linda McSherry talked with us about her band.

Q: Linda, you formed the band in 1986. Then in 1987, the group split up. And in 1988. you were out on the road. What were you doing between 1987 and 1988?
A: Between 1987 and 1988, we didn't really split up. We were writing new material and working on an image change from thrash to mainstream metal in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Q: You played your first show at CBGB's. What do you remember about that night? Do industry people really hang out there?
A: CBGB's is famous for being a musician and industry hangout. Our first show there went very well. We've played there since and hope to play again soon. The crowd there is always receptive and our shows are always rockin' there.

Q: Your drummer Lori says, "Our lyrics are cool because they're about going out and getting drunk and partying." Isn't that the wrong kind of message to be sending out in this, the era of such organizations as Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD)?
A: Of course, we don't condone drinking and driving. That wasn't the message we had hoped to get across. However, there's nothing wrong with people getting together with their friends to go check out a good band at a club or bar and having a few beers; so long as everyone is of legal age to drink and drinks responsibly, we'll all have a good time.

Q: How did you enlist the help of Michael Des Barres? Was that through your management?
A: Yes. We've been able to hook up with Michael Des Barres as well as other industry people through our
management. That's one of the things that makes Bob Rowland ("Missdemeanor" manager) invaluable to us.

Q: Tell me a little about Bob Rowland. Who are his other clients and what does he do for them? What kind of work did he do for Billy Preston?
A: We're not really concerned or involved with what Bob Rowland does for other acts. He's been able to get us good gigs and create a great deal of interest for us throughout the music industry.

Q: Is it a plus or a minus that Missdemeanor is an all female rock band? People will initially pay more attention to you, but are you afforded the same kind of respect as all male groups would get? Some people think an all female group can't be taken seriously. How do you combat that attitude?
A: We were wondering when you were going to ask this question. Everyone always wants to know if an all-female band gets the respect and recognition that they deserve or if people only come to see how they look. Well, if our looks get people to come to a show initially, it must be our ability musically that keeps them coming back to our shows again and again. We don't know of anyone that would go to check out a band every time they can just because they look good, if the music wasn't worth it. We always get a positive reaction from girls as well as guys.

Q: How long are you prepared to hang in there and wait for a record deal to come your way?
A: Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer for a record deal. Music is not just something we do; it's a part of every member of this band. We couldn't stop playing even if we wanted to. We're all in it for the duration. It's this attitude that makes the four of us so close and our music so strong.

Q: You appeared at The Ritz awhile back. Did anything ever come of that? Did that further your career in any way?
A: With every show we do, whether it's at a big club in Manhattan or a smaller bar in the middle of Anytown, U.S.A., our following grows. That makes every show that we do important in furthering our career.

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