Private Sector Interview

As we've noted many times, some of the finest talent can be found north of the border. From Canada, "Private Sector" is one of the best "new'' groups on the horizon. You should be seeing and hearing quite a bit about these guys in the very near future.

Q - For those people who haven't heard your music, how would you describe it?
A - To be honest with you, we find it hard to categorize, but we have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities; pseudo thrash classical, hard-core country punk on vacation; rhythmic pro­gressive rock with a dash of obscurity, a pinch of contemporary and half a cup of nutmeg.

Q - How did you guys come together?
A - Kevin Wall, our ex-guitarist and Don Barley, played as a I duo called Wall and Barley Craig MacPherson and Rich Mc-Comb came from a Top 40 Band 'Shock Alice.'

Q – You were originally known as “Bitter Romance” but then changed the bands name to Private Sector. Why?
A - We switched to Private Sector because of the change from Top 40 to original music. Also, we felt that a more positive name would benefit the band.

Q - Are there showcase clubs in Toronto where a group can perform original material?
A - There are quite a few clubs in Toronto that will showcase original bands and we've played in most of them, Lee's Palace, the Nag's Head, The Cabana Room, to mention a few.

Q - You gave up the cross country touring of Canada. Did you tire of the clubs, the material?
A - Because of the change of direction musically, we felt tour­ing at that time was a dead end street. Above all we enjoy playing 'live' and are looking forward to touring again with the new show.

Q - How do you support yourself these days?
A - Since coming off the road, we've taken full-time jobs as a means of financially stabilizing the band. This has enabled us to record, promote and market the band more efficiently.

Q - "Private Sector" is also into merchandising. How’d that come about?
A - First of all, it's a great way to promote the band. Secondly by taking the initiative in merchandising we are hoping to show the music industry that we are serious about the business as well as the music.

Q - Still no management deal. Are you looking for U.S. management?
A - At the moment we are continuing to look for the best management company to represent us, whether it be in Canada, the U.S. or even Europe.

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