Robert Kirkland Interview

Rock 'n' roll is back and Arrogance proves it. A debut album on Warner/Curb Records titled "Suddenly," has brought critical acclaim to the group. Cashbox says "'Suddenly' is an auspicious debut LP by a band that should be around for awhile." Record World reports Arrogance to be "a strictly mainstream rock act." Billboard states "this group has a good sound for AOR or Top 40 play."
Guitarist vocalist Ro­bert Kirkland spoke about Arrogance.

Q. How difficult was it to survive in your hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina?
A. It wasn't too bad. We booked most of our gigs. We refused to go through the local agencies that were booking frat houses. We even opened for some big names.

Q. For example?
A. Three Dog Night, Jo Jo Gunne, New Riders.

Q. You recorded your own albums, is that right?
A. Yes, we had our own label - Sugarbush. Our first album was called "Give Us A Break," our second album was "Prolepsis." We were local favorites and they did good in our own area. We also were on the Vanguard label for about a year. Our records sold in Europe and Canada.

Q. Why'd you have so many personnel changes?
A. Over a period of time you're bound to have people coming and going. People go their own way. You're bound to have some change. I always thought success was around the corner. Two out of the four original members stuck with it, that's not bad. It’s a make it or break it type situation.

Q. Who's booking the group?
A. We just signed with William Morris.

Q. What do you think Arrogance has to do in order to achieve superstardom?
A. It's just a matter of perseverance. Sticking to your guns.

Q. What's the group's philosophy?
A. Arrogance is bliss.

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