Rocket Norton Interview

From Canada comes the five member group Prism. Having released two albums on Ariola/America Records, "See Forever Eyes" and "Armageddon," Prism is attracting a dedicated following wherever they play. The group with its present lineup became a reality for "Heart" in front of 40,000 people in Seattle, Washington. Since then they've toured with the Doobie Brothers, Dave Mason, and Meatloaf. They were also a featured act at the "Canada Jam." Drummer Rocket Norton talked with us about his group.

Q. Does everyone in the group have an equal say about  the music you'll perform?
A. Yes. The group was put together so we could bounce ideas off each other.

Q. Is it difficult for a Canadian group to get recognition in their own country?
A. It's difficult anywhere. It's just coincidence it happened that way. Our album was first released in Canada and later went platinum (sales of 100,000 records), there.

Q. How do you see the group?
A. Musically, I see the group as a rock ‘n’ roll group that has been mellowed out a bit with keyboards.

Q. Superstardom brings an enormous amount of pressure. Would Prism endure or would you break up?
A. We go back a long way as friends. We all started our musical education together listening to the early Animals, Stones, and Yardbirds. Anything that is nasty and horrible to be said to each other, we've said it. We're prolific enough to be a twelve album group.

Q. Efrem Zimbalist's daughter made the statement to the press that like her grandfather, she respects an honest craftsman like a good bootlegger, over the most successful rock star. Is being a rock star worse than being a criminal?
A. That's crap. I'm amazed someone in the arts would say something like that. That's an unintelligent, uninformed statement.

Q. The time will come when there will be no Prism. What will you do then?
A. I'd go into record production. I'd also like to get into TV and become the Johnny Carson of Rock Star Specials.

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