Ruthless Interview

Q. Was Ruthless influenced by Alice Cooper? If not Cooper, then who?
A. In a way. Bassist Jack Black and vocalist Sami D. were heavily influenced by Cooper. The other members were more influenced by Judas Priest. Kiss, Motley Crue, WASP and Accept (big show acts). Since the combination of all five members is what makes Ruthless what it is, you could say the band was influenced by Cooper, but by other people too

Q. Why did you start up a fan club and a merchandising business?
A. To increase our exposure and to keep in touch with our fans.

Q. How did Ironworks Kecords come to hear of the band?
A. Dave Richards came to Radio City (Anaheim) to check on another band that was playing with us. He was very impressed by our show, and after the show he decided to sign us.

Q. Tell me about the L.A. club scene for metal bands such as Ruthless. Is there enough money in it to keep a band like Ruthless full time, or do you guys have Day jobs?
A. Yes, all of us have a second job to help finance and further the band.

Q. I've yet to hear a tape of Ruthless, so can you tell me. if you had to categorize your music, what type of "metal" is it? Is it "speed" metal? "Death" metal? What category do you feel comfortable with?
A. "Ruthless Metal"-the combination of five different individuals and their ideas that create a unique blend of metal

Q. I've heard there's been some personnel changes in the group. Who's joined and who's left?
A. Original members Todd Billings (drums) and Rollen Schroeder (guitar) were replaced by drummer Bryant Scott and guitarist Steve Tzz (pronounced "tease").

Q. Critics of heavy metal point out that the music and lyrics present a negative image lyrics that deal with death, destruction, warriors, massacres. Does "metal" have to be associated with such topics?
A. Ruthless Metal does not so much deal with death or Satan-just mainly an aggressive attitude.

Q. Do you agree with Kevin Du Brow when he says, "Heavy metal is just Elvis in studs?"
A. Maybe in attitude, but not in the music or image.

Q. Two observations made by John G. Fuller in his book. "Are The Kids All Right"-"Hard rock lyrics are frankly, based on aggression," and. "There is an unconscious death wish at the center of the world of hard rock." Is there any truth to this?
A. Heavy metal music is, in itself, aggressive and therefore lends itself to aggressive lyrics. Heavy metal often does deal with death-but remember, it's only entertainment. It's not meant to cause people to act in an aggressive manner.

Q. It says in your bio, that Ruthless has been together for a year. How did you all meet? Were you in other bands?
A. Ruthless was together with the original members for a little over a year. We've been together with the new members for 6 months. Sami and Ken found the other members through the Recycler, a local newspaper.

Q. What's the future hold?
A. A major label, a world tour and a platinum album.

Q. Is the L.A. "metal" scene still thriving, or has it leveled off by now?
A. Most of the best L.A. metal bands have been signed by major labels and are now touring. However, most major shows in the L.A. area are still metal-L.A. is still a metal town. The next generation of L.A. metal bands is on the rise!

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