SaRenna Lee Interview
The Marilyn Monroe of the 90's

She's known as the Marilyn Monroe of the 90's.

She is SaRenna Lee.

SaRenna is featured in the recently released Playboy Home Video, "Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens."

We talked with SaRenna about the video and her career.

Q. SaRenna, were you ever in a Russ Meyer film?
A. No. Actually, I know he wanted to do a film with me, but we didn't have an opportunity 'cause we were so busy. When I worked with Playboy is when I got to know him personally.

Q. Did Playboy approach you about doing this video; did you have a representative contact them?
A. Well, you know they were looking for women that were really voluptuous. Dani Ash had been in the magazine for Girls of the Internet. She was in the magazine and well-endowed naturally. They asked her if she had friends that were busty, etc., etc. Her website has every model that's ever modeled. So, she told them about me, and set up an interview. The whole thing was definitely thanks to her that I got it.

Q. Besides the obvious, what was it that Playboy was looking for?
A. Well, in the video quite a few of the girls are Playmates, and also the Playmate of the Year is in it. They picked me because they decided it was gonna be the 50's, the old glamour, because I'm the Marilyn Monroe of the 90's. They did a Marilyn scene in the video. With them choosing me, I think it had a lot to do with the Marilyn thing. With the other girls, I'm not sure how they came to the decision to choose them.

Q. Is this how you bill yourself, as the Marilyn Monroe of the 90's?
A. Yeah. When I started modeling, I was doing photographs in August '92, and my first magazine cover came out in the beginning of '93 and they titled it "The Marilyn Monroe of the 90's." Following that cover, everything was just like a domino effect; the Marilyn Monroe of the 90's, but ten times bigger where it's better. It just got huge. It got way out of hand. I didn't plan it. It just kind of bit me.

Q. Had you been a fan of Marilyn Monroe?
A. Oh, always. Definitely. I think she's absolutely fabulous.

Q. Why do you think people of all ages are still fascinated with Marilyn Monroe 35 years after her death?
A. Well, I think Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate sex symbol, like ever in history. She had the ability to be so sexually enticing, but yet innocent at the same time. There's a serious vulnerability that comes through in her sexuality. I think the main reason people are still fascinated by her is because she was taken at such a young age from us. There's a sense of loss and like human nature is, we all have a sense of wanting to save people. I don't think she would be as huge as she is now had she lived longer. But, the fact that she's gone, we all miss her. There's a certain sense of we want her back.

Q. People are intrigued by what was going on in that brain of hers.
A. Oh, she was extremely bright and super talented. She had created this enormous image that even she could not get rid of, in order to be taken more seriously. I think we all have a sense of guilt 'cause she was never appreciated when she was living. Now, we know she was one of the best actresses ever. We didn't give her a chance to do any serious roles that she really desired. Back then, the studios owned you.

Q. Is that you on the cover of this video box?
A. Yes. Yes. Yes. Isn't it great? I can't believe they chose me for the cover. It's the ultimate.

Q. Have you ever appeared in Playboy magazine?
A. Not yet, but I do have my sights on that. That's what I was so amazed and thrilled about; they had me do this video for them, I got the cover, and with the options they have, including Playmate of the Year, I mean you talk about flattered. I hadn't been in the magazine yet, and I got the cover. It definitely made my year.

Q. What do you hope will happen for you with the release of this video? Acting work? Modeling work?
A. Well, the thing about Playboy is, a lot of people break-in once they've done Playboy, because it's accepted by society, male and female alike. It's just different than doing anything else of an adult nature. People respect it. All of a sudden you're looked at differently.

Q. Because Playboy was the original?
A. Right and they handle themselves with more class. Playboy versus Penthouse is something a woman could look at and enjoy, including the videos. Penthouse is more focused on the male thing. I have a couple of movies I'm shooting this summer. It's given me an opportunity in London. I have a great agent over there now. It's definitely opened a lot of doors for me. And that was before it was ever released. The minute you're associated with Playboy, a lot of doors open for you.

Q. Do people recognize you offstage?
A. You know, when I was on tour, I really made it a point to be really conservative and dress down, and wear enormous clothing. You would think I was pregnant before you thought I was busty. I just like severely covered myself. I got so much attention doing four shows a day. When I went out in these cities, I had ads in the newspapers and I didn't really want the attention. But, now that I'm not touring I enjoy going out and dressing. But, I have to prepare myself mentally for it. So, now I have a different take on it. I dress. When I go out, I don't mind the attention, because I'm not doing it for a living onstage anymore. So, I enjoy it.

Q. Have you ever done any of these adult films?
A. No. I've never done a pornographic film.

Q. You made your living then by going around the country as what shall we say a dancer, exotic dancer, stripper, entertainer?
A. Entertainer, I had 30 different shows. I guess you could say I was a headliner. And, I made a big living by doing magazines, and then touring, but, never the video market.

Q. How did you get into the business?
A. I moved to Houston, Texas from Florida when I was 17 years old. I decided I loved stage. In fact, I went to the School of the Arts and I figured I don't want to be a starving actress living in L.A. working as a waitress. So, I figured, hey, I was born naked. I have no problem with my own sexuality, and nudity, why shouldn't I benefit from it? So bam, I went out there and into some contests and I started dancing. I made it a point to go and meet the features at this one club when they would come to town. A couple of 'em just happened to be very helpful to me. They introduced me to some photographers, one in New York. So, I had pictures taken, and things really took off.

Q. You danced for how long?
A. I started dancing in '89, and then in 1992 I decided if I'm going to do this for a living, I'm going to make a career of it, and benefit as much as I can financially. On January 4, 1993 I started my tour, and made a career of it. Then I retired in June of '96, from actual full-time touring. I'm not retired. I'm not going anywhere.

Q. You made enough money so you don't have to worry anymore?
A. Well, yeah. I have my own fan club, and I have my own website which I make money on every month, which is consistent income that you don't have to work too hard for. (Laughs). You gotta love it.

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