Sound Barrier Interview

Q. What happened with Sound Barrier and M.C.A. Records?
A. Sound Barrier was signed by the former president of M.C.A. Records, Bob Siger. Bob Siger was replaced one month after the release of our record by Irving Azoff. Thirty-five of the forty-four acts on M.C.A. were released from their contract. We couldn't have been happier. M.C.A. did nothing for us, except deliver records to the store. There was no pro motion. Sound Barrier and our manager ended up financing our own video "Rock Without The Roll" which received major airplay.

Q. One critic wrote, "I'd say that Sound Barrier definitely has all the ingredients to make it in rock: showmanship, musicianship, and good material." So why didn't the group have more of an impact in "metal?"
A. When there's no record company push behind you, there is nothing one can do. Our manager has kept us alive by constantly keeping us in the press. But, it takes an entire record company and promotion staff to break a new band and a new record.

Q. How did Miller Beer get involved in promoting Sound Barrier?
A. Miller was scouting another LA. Band called "Steeler" at the time, now called "Keel." After they decided not to accept them, their manager referred them to our manager, and a deal was made.

Q. With the popularity of heavy metal at an all-time high, and with the continued fascination in Jimi Hendrix, why has it taken this long to produce a group like Sound Barrier?
A. There are black heavy metal bands out there, but no one had the nerves and guts to actually pursue it as a career yet, except us. We have been told by whites and blacks it will never work. When we started out, it was a rock-funk thing, kinda like Prince. It started moving deeper and deeper near metal. We call it experimental. We began to play on the circuit and more and more we loved it. Now we eat it. sleep it, and live it. It's us!

Q. Whose idea was it to cover Steppenwolf's old song, "Born To Be Wild?"
A. The entire group decided to cover this tune. It was one of the first cover songs we did in our set, when we started playing out in clubs. We love the lyrics and thought they represent something we had to say.

Q. Where has Sound Barrier been performing?
A. Sound Barrier has been gigging on the West Coast only. We have opened for Ratt, Quiet Riot, Y and T, Humble Pie, and Black 'n Blue. The highlight of our playing in L.A. came when Judas Priest showed up to one of our shows in which we were headlining at the Country Club in Reseda, Calif. All of the members came backstage to meet us after the show.  ,

Q. How did your album do overseas?
A. Our first record reached Number 5 on the Import Charts, and we were released in several countries over there as well. They love the first record. We still get mail every week from those countries. We hope to start our first tour over there and continue to the U.S.

Q. How has signing with Pit Bull Records going to take your career further?
A. Pit Bull Records is our own record company. We decided to release new material to our fans before they forgot us. We would like to thank the many fans in your area for supporting our first album. We hope they like our new EP, "Born To Rock," as much as we do.

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