Steve Hackett Interview

Four years ago, guitarist Steve Hackett left "Genesis." Since then he's managed to carve out a highly successful solo career for himself. He's considered to be one of the Top Three guitarists in the world.
Out on the road to support his latest album, "Cured" (Epic Records), We chatted with this guitar master.

Q: What's different for you now that you're on your own apart from any musical differences?
A: I like being my own boss. It's nice just to be accountable to oneself.

Q: With the kind of business you're in, isn't it impossible to lead a "normal" life?
A: I think it is. You have to try very hard to keep your feet on the ground. This year I took a stand. I'm not gonna drink anymore. I'm not gonna smoke anymore. I'm gonna start to get healthy. So I became an avid fan of regular exercise.

Q: Where's home for you?
A: I have a home in London and a place in Brazil, which is actually my wife's. We're thinking about renting some place in New York. So we're going to be on three continents at once pretty soon.

Q: You're a believer in reincarnation. Who do you think you were in another lifetime?
A: I must have been the first rock musician around in the 1600's.

Q; Have you spoken with Phil Collins recently and were you surprised with his hit album?
A: I was extremely pleased with Phil's success, and I think it was very well deserved. I have seen Phil a couple of times recently, same as with the rest of the other guys.

Q: Have you read Armando Gallo's book on "Genesis?"
A: Yes, I quite enjoyed it. He did a couple of editions. I think the second edition which has been updated is much more interesting to me, because I found it concentrated more on solo careers.

Q: Besides the U.S., what other countries are you working in?
A: This is part of a six month tour plan really I've been touring Europe and England, Canada So far there's no at­tempt at Japan, but we're looking at that next year as well.

Q: You use a drum machine on this album instead of a drummer, why?
A: Partly because of the economics of the thing. Every other album I've done, I must’ve done 19 albums if you count everything, have been with drummers. I think it's a very good drum sound, possibly the best drum sound I've had. Many people don't pick up on it. They just assume it's a real drummer we had.

Q: So what happens to you after the tour ends?
A: The end of the year is totally open. 1 have no plans what­soever which is the way I'd like to leave it. I don't want to know what I'm going to be doing in a year's time.

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